Week in Review – 5 October 2014

This boy, I tell you. In the course of a week he seems to have gone from squishy baby to squishy, opinionated toddler type person.


And boy, is it fun. His birthday is next week! One whole year! Those crazy babies, they just don’t stop growing, do they. The Moose was feeling a little under the weather earlier in the week so he and I hung around the house, where he told me long, elaborate stories. They appear to be rather involved. He makes a lot of faces when he tells them.



Saturday was Pete’s school’s annual 5K fundraiser. We all were signed up to run this year, except: we woke up to the low 30s, but not low enough – it was raining. The Real Feel temperature was 28F, yeesh. We put on our layers and bundled the baby and finally right before leaving, we decided maybe it would be best for the Moose to stay home, considering he just got over his 3rd cold already this fall…

Pete and I braved the weather alone (well, along with all of the rest of the peeps who showed up, and I felt dumb when I saw tons of people there in sweatshirts like it was no big Thang, while we were in wintery gear, or oh hey – what about the baby strollers I counted in attendance, those chill babies bundled up neatly and ready to roll. Something as base as weather does not stop the people of Wisconsin from getting shit DONE, I have learned).


The rest of the weekend was busy. I feel like we just worked our butts off, and yet: I look around now and I have to show for it at this moment is a vaguely clean house and some flannel bedding on all the beds. But for real – I cleaned off and cleaned up baby furniture, I disassembled and stored said furniture. We cleaned and did probably ten loads of laundry, no exaggeration, and I went through the kids’ closets and packed up the summer stuff and the warm-weather linens and filled out paperwork and filled out our calendar for next week (insane, stuff every single night, sometimes double booked, MEEEP), and we sorted junk piles and ran a crap-ton of errands and blah blah blahcakes no one cares I know. Whatever. But hey! We got our Halloween decorations up, strategically placed above the Moose Line, and we goofed around a lot. And that’s time well spent too, you know.



As a side note: Linus is kinda into dinosaurs, as of this week anyway. He likes to steal Pete’s and pretend to make them roar and bite us. I think it’s nuts that he already knows what a dinosaur is, whether it’s a stuffed animal or hard toy and regardless of color/size. Also that it roars and bites and stuff. But hey, he’s almost 1, so whatever. I’ll take it, dinosaur baby.


Pete politely sat as my test subject when I played with my reflector later in the day. White, then gold. Never quite busted out the others. There is a reason he’s a less frequent photo subject, you guys. That child sure likes to tease and mess with me these days.


Linus is more my kinda subject. Put his doggie on his head, and he’s happy to oblige.


Okay that’s it for now, my friends. Next week is insane, INSANE (meep!). Will update then. Maybe some Portland posts sooner, who knows. I guess if I can’t sleep there is always that.

Oh – and GO ROYALS!



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