Portland, Day 2

Um I am not sure why I am titling all of these as “Portland”, because we are certainly not in Portland half the time, but whatever I’m just going to roll with it at this point.

Linus so sucked at sleeping the first few days of this trip. He woke up a lot in Chicago (I was awake, I remember it so fondly). He woke up a few times that first night in our cabin, then decided 4am was the perfect time to rise for the day. Ooooof. So I grabbed my camera (duh), snagged him a bottle and some snacks, and scooped him up. Off we went to the main building of our section. Just for reference: we were all staying in a 4-plex of cabins on the Menucha grounds (the Creevey Complex), there were three 4-plexes (each 4plex was a building with 4 hotel-style bedrooms and a small “living room” type landing area). They all surrounded a main building, which we used for reunion gatherings. The main building was never locked and had a few rooms, an open main room with a coffee maker, fridge, microwave (so basically a kitchenette); tables/chairs and a shelf full of games, etc. Then bathrooms and a pretty little meeting room with a fireplace and such, as well as rooms below.

Linus and I fled to the main building when he woke up, mainly because I didn’t want him to be loud and wake up all the other family members staying in our 4-plex. So he had a bottle, some yogurt drops and a banana, and crawled around through all the rooms. We also popped outside for awhile, enjoying the quiet morning to ourselves.


Eventually I dragged him back to our room around 6am, where Pete and Scott were already up (yay, time change). We all donned our warmer gear and walked around the grounds. Scott told me that there was a beautiful view from the swimming pool area, and LAWDY he was not kidding. That was a beautiful sunrise to behold. Much braggy Instagramming was done (HA just kidding. Okay not really kidding. We really did Instagram that shizz because UH LOOK AT THAT VIEW).



So like I mentioned, this was from the swimming pool area. There was also this MASSIVE fireplace there, as you can see from the above image. It reminded me of something from a Wes Anderson movie, and I wish I had taken more photos of it. Just insane.

There were a few short walking trails on the grounds and we somehow talked Pete into taking one, even though he was worried bears were going to devour us. It was So. BEAUTIFUL. OMG why do we not live here, you guys.


After our morning walk it was almost breakfast time, so we tidied up and headed to the dining hall to meet up with the rest of the family for breakfast. I really loved Menucha. It reminded me of that resort from Dirty Dancing, except with less rich people/dancing and more moss.


After breakfast Linus needed a NAP, yo, so we headed back to the cabin and I put him down. I took a few pictures of our room and then crawled into our bed with my book and zonked out myself. It was pure bliss. I think I took 2 naps while there, while Linus took his. No regrets. Pete and Scott went swimming while we napped.


PS – check out our snack drawer. One entire drawer in our room, devoted to trip snacks. We know how to party (also we ended up dragging a bunch of snacks back with us. I kinda over-did it on the trip snacks).

After naps we met back up with family. We took pictures galore. Pete spied a (second? Third? Once removed or something? This family tree stuff is hard) cousin, Pearl, a little red-headed sprite hanging out in a tree. He fell instantly and very hard in love with her. He pretty much followed her around the rest of the reunion like a love-sick puppy dog.



After that the adults all went through old family photos in the main hall. Meanwhile Linus chewed on books from the floor, and Pete followed Pearl around all moony-faced.


Pearl was going swimming. SWIMMING! So of course Pete ran right back to our cabin and donned his own swimsuit so he could join her. A few other family members also came along. I never got a chance to swim myself, and I kinda regret that. Good thing we’re coming back here for the next reunion, I should get my chance then.


That’s kind of the end of photos. We all sat around and chatted, then the kids went to bed – we were off to see the waterfalls the next day and then were off to Portland proper, so we needed a good night’s rest. The end.


More to come again soon.


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