Linus – 11 Months


Okay let’s be real, I’m like a week late with this, and the only reason it’s actually done is because Linus was sick today and so I had a few minutes while he was napping to slap together the number thing and then shoot off a few images before the evening when his sad illness melancholy returns.

Why is it you always feel so much worse at like 5pm, like magic, when you are sick? So annoying.



The kid is pretty mobile! My bet is that he’ll be walking by next month when we crown the Big One Year, he cruises around in his walking toys like a crazy race car driver and has taken a few wobbly, tentative steps between Scott and I. So it’s coming for sure.


This kid is a pro eater, like he out-eats Peter already. We’ve cut back on formula and will probably make that milk transition soon. He’s really into books now, like any kid (especially the books you can ‘do’ things with, like Pat the Bunny). He’s slow to the waving/pointing thing – Pete was doing that really young – but he’s finally starting. He kinda does this thing where he points where he looks like he’s doing the movie sideways gun grip, which is entertaining. Oh, and he’s fully on the Dada train. So much for hoping this kid picked up “mama” as his first word.


He loves his Charlie Brown doll (that he stole from Peter), and also Lil Bub (who he also stole from Peter). Lil Bub sleeps in his crib and travels in the car and he is floating around the house most of the day for Linus to love on him at random. And Linus is so excited to see the thing in the morning that he lets out a loud squawk and faceplants into him with great force. So Lil Bub might just end up being his security buddy.


So let’s see: he’s almost walking, kinda talking, loves his stuffies, and eats like a boss. So pretty much, he’s ready to turn One. He gets a big ole F when it comes to sleeping though! I think I’ve resigned myself to the fact that he’s a light sleeper, I mean no sleep training method has worked on this kid. If he’s getting new teeth or is sick or is learning something new or the white noise isn’t at the exact volume he likes and temperature isn’t exactly where he is comfortable or someone happens to walk past the room outside the door and they aren’t tip-toeing, he’s waking up. So: pretty much he will not sleep through the night ever.

Guh. Good thing we find him mildly entertaining or he’d be shipped off to Nebraska over that.

And that’s it! I made it without forgetting to blog one of the months, HIGH FIVE! See ya at a year, folks.


PS I think he ate one of those gel clings. Part of one of the fish was missing this evening, like with little teef marks. Er, whoops. I looked it up on the Internet and some lady’s kid also ate one and she called Poison Control and they said it was fine because they are non-toxic, so: Woot.

God bless the Internet.


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