Week in Review – 14 September 2014


It’s mah birrrrrrthday! And I’m kinda late starting this, so it’s gonna be a quickie.

It was a really sucky week and I was just glad to get to the weekend, I won’t lie. I took part in this consignment sale thing and that seemed to be a big headache. Drop off was fine but the sale was kinda meh, I didn’t find much. The consigner/volunteer shopping times were pretty inconvenient, and then I had to stand in line for 45 minutes to pay. With a screaming meanie mom yelling at her kids the entire time right behind me, sweet. The Beltline in the evening is a bottlenecked nightmare and going to this meant dealing with that whole mess. And THEN: when I went to pick up my bin of unsold stuff today, they weren’t ready. We were told we could “help sort” or wait around another hour or so. Or just go home with whatever they had finished. Pfffft, I took my bin and left, that shizz was not worth it. It only had 2 things in it but whatever I really didn’t care at that point. Not sure if I’ll give this one a shot again, to be honest.

In better news!

The weekend was a little chilly (fall is coming, my friends, and this was our wake-up call) but we braved the chill and met up with some of my coworkers to do a 5K. This one was for the Carbone Cancer Center, and we participated in my boss’ memory (he passed away last month). Linus was pretty sick with a cold so he stayed back with Scott, so Pete was my date for the day. We did the 5K, bounced a crap-ton in the Bounce Castle they had on site, and got some grub (bagels and bananas and granola bars, the standard fare – Pete loves race food, he calls it ‘the race buffet’).


The rest of the day Scott and I took turns running errands (dudes, have another baby and your errands list seems to triple, I am not sure how that happens). In-between I took some photos of the boys playing. I busted out a box of Pete’s old clothes, found some 18-24-month stuff for Linus to wear this winter. The pants are hilariously long but whatever. They’ll work.



Also I love that our Driftless Organics CSA is still going strong with a good variety of veggies to boot. We have a yummy week ahead.


Today we woke up to my BIRTHDAY! Linus celebrated by getting up at 5am. My meanie husband kinda let him fuss for half an hour before finally getting up and doing his duty (sorry dude, you know the birthday rule). I slept in, it was glorious. Then some coffee to the face before hopping in the shower and heading out for some fun. First stop: Heritage Tavern for some brunch.


Totally not kid-friendly. No boosters or high chairs, no milk. Oops. But they were quite gracious and thankfully the kiddos were quiet and well behaved, so we didn’t get kicked out. This place is run by chef Dan Fox, an amazing local chef who takes the whole farm-to-table thing to a new level by raising his own heritage hogs at his farm outside of town. We started with a plate o’ bacon and his signature cinnamon roll (with ham rolled along inside the thing, ahhhhh-mazing), then meatier entrees. We all kinda picked off each other’s plates and it was all very good. I got the lamb sausage and savory French toast, with Scotch-style poached eggs and green salad and potato rosti. Pete loved the rosti, he politely asked if he could have “all of your hairy thing”. ALL THE LULZ.


We rolled ourselves outta there and decided a nice walk would be in order. Once Pete spotted the Children’s Museum it was all over though, and we headed there instead.



PS – okay they have a big area where you can craft, and in one part they have bins of recycled items that you can use to make things or collages or whatever, you just leave your masterpiece on the shelf for everyone to admire. I want to be besties with whoever made that Willy Nelson puppet.


They have an outdoor area they open on sunny days, and it was open today. I want one of those EZY-roller cars for myself, you guys.


And then: home for cake. Rolling Pin Bake Shop cake! Well, eventually (MOAR ERRAND RUNNING FIRST, OMG). I am a lady, so I got special sparkler candles. TA DA! Pete blew them out for me. Linus tried to snatch the cake after we pulled out the candles. Methinks he won’t have any problems digging into his own cake next month.


Okay, croup-y baby to tend to. Have a great evening, all. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


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