Week in Review – 7 September 2014


Another week, another whatever. I’ve had it. Pete is full-on in Kindergarten now (no more half days or half weeks). If I pick him up at 3pm and deposit him at home with Scott (instead of leaving him in AfterCare) we save a crap-ton of money each week. And Scott is off work a mere 20 minutes after I deposit him at home, so we make sure he has a snack waiting and start a cartoon, Scott is available if he really needs anything, so you know. Boom. Only: it means lots of driving. And while I’m getting to work about half an hour earlier now that school has started, I have to stay another 45 minutes to make up the pick-up-from-school-and-drop-at-home time. GUH. An hour in the morning, 45 minutes in the afternoon, and 30-45 minutes in the evening. I spend a lot of time hustling these days; by Friday I am SPENT. Next year that child is taking the bus, even if it is the Metro, this is not something I think I can keep up on a permanent-ish basis.

Add to that: Pete, being the sensitive soul that he is, has issues with transitioning. Kindergarten is a transition, for sure. So he is having some bad days, his teacher and I are in regular contact about his daily feeeeeeeeelings, and oh my goodness can I just say I am ready for life to get back to some sort of normal. Too much stress, you guys. He’s getting better, but whatever. When I pick him up full of hope for a good day, and his teacher comes to see me with him in hand, that look on her face that is part sympathetic, part frustrated (let’s all be honest here), it is draining. Rough, it’s rough, I feel for him and for her and lordy, if only his brother were sleeping it would help me accept all of this, I swear. I just want to hide under my soft blankets in my warm downy bed and never come out sometimes, and that’s not really my M.O. I am hoping things settle sooner rather than later. Let’s all pray for that.

So anyway! My in-laws have been visiting, which is wonderful of course, and Pete is in heaven. I have been so scattered that I pretty much forgot my camera most of the weekend, so the bulk of the photos are from the evening my in-laws watched the children and gave us a night out to dinner for our birthdays. HEAVEN. Heaven, oh so lovely – we were long in need of just this sort of thing, we haven’t been out since Linus was born really.


We were going to check out Sujeo, which is chef Miller’s new restaurant that just opened days ago. We got our names on the list (90-ish minute wait), and then decided to walk down to Forequarter for a cocktail in the meantime. Except: they were able to get us a seat at the bar, and considering this place has like 18 seats for diners, that was some sort of miracle, and anyway we got swept up in it and just got dinner there. Scott got a pickled-ramp style Gibson, I got a lovely fizzy beer, we had a nice blue cheese plate and some spotted prawns and heirloom vegetables/beans in a herby lemon broth with a whipped housemade ricotta and BEST DECISION EVAR. Sorry, Sujeo. The head chef at Forequarter is moving on shortly so now was the time to hit it up. And we can give Sujeo some time to work out the kinks before we eat there, considering it’s new and all, yeah? So there was our reasoning to ignore the text that our table was ready…



So: funny story. Johnson Street is a mess right now, so to get to Forequarter we basically had to gingerly pick our way around torn-up terraces and sidewalks and the street was an utter mess. Me. A girl. In heels and stuff. This was okay on the walk there, when it was still kinda light out. But when we left, it was dark Dark DARK. No streetlights in the general vicinity. So we slowly made our way across the messed-up sidewalks and streets, across to the dark Other Side, and that was when I hit a…tree root? Chunk of concrete from the upturned construction area? Something, at any rate I completely wiped out. Scratched my (BRAND NEW AS OF 3 DAYS EARLIER) phone, gouged a few nice deep scars into my beloved Nikon, and ripped off my right big toenail. Yeah. YEAH. Pretty sure I was full of dirt and filth on top of things, but thankfully only one group of people saw it and the dudes in the group were nice enough to ask after my well-being. I was HORRIFIED. So I stumbled off assuring them I was Okay! Just Fine, so sorry!!, Scott letting me lean on him like a true gentlemen, all the way back to the car. Which was parked at the garage at Sujeo, so WHAT THE HELL. We missed our reservation but there was room at the bar, so we sat and I drowned my busted everything sorrows in a fancy basil shrub-y cocktail and we split a fantastic Banh Mi with roasted pork and housemade ham pate and slices of crunchy fresh jalapeno, that Scott STILL smothered in Kim-Kim, YEEEEAH. It was really good, you guys.

Also the manager came over and gave us free shots of Jinro sujo. Did he see my disheveled appearance and flapping-by-some-skin toenail? Or did he overhear Scott and I having a deep discussion about WHAT IN THE HELL IS JINRO ANYWAY, DO YOU THINK? At any rate: you’re an Okay Dude, manager guy, and your restaurant is awesome even if you did just open. We are more than ready to come back and pig out on some Budae Jjigae hot pot. Whatever that is. It looked good.

I christened that place by manning up eventually and heading to the ladie’s room, where I ripped off my sad, flappy dead toenail, and tossed it in the trash. You’re legit now, Sujeo.


After that we went for a late-night coffee and dessert. Can I complain about one thing for a moment, Madison? Your coffee shops are lame. They all close so darn early; I am sorry, but 8pm or 10pm is not an acceptable time for a coffee shop to close, ever. Where in the world do the college kids go to study and drink black house coffee all the night long? Apparently at Michelangelo’s, which is a proper college-towny-dive coffee shop and the only place in town that stays open ‘late’. So we got a few nightcap coffees and a peanut-butter bar and toasted a solid night out. Then went home and crashed and THE BABY SLEPT STRAIGHT UNTIL 6:30AM IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE IN SEPTEMBER YOU GUYS.


Today Kris and Alfie came over, we went to the Children’s Museum and hung out at home most of the time. It took us awhile to get to the Museum, thanks to Ironman happening downtown today, and I was in a funk so wandered around the museum solo lugging an 80-lb baby and keeping my funk-self away from the rest of the peeps. Then we went home and my funk continued. Dudes: I hit a wall, so I packed lunches and I caught up on laundry and got things ready for Monday and was spent, just spent. So while they all played board games and card games I sat on the couch and goofed on my phone like a total loner loser.


And that’s that, my friends. Oh, and someone by the name of Scottie had a birthday yesterday. He is officially 38, which is obviously Ooooooooold. He wears 38 pretty well though, yeah?


Should I tell you 38 things about Scott?

1. Haha haaaa, just kidding I would never put you through that.

Have a good week, y’all.


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