Week in Review – 1 September 2014


September already? UGH.

Actually hey, you know what? It was yet another week of crappy unexpected bad news, so at this rate: I’m just glad for August to be over and behind us. The PDX trip was awesome but it was pretty downhill from there, so hurray, September! I have changed my mind, bring it on!

So in the milestone category: we had our first Kinderbeaner’s first day o’ Kindergarten. We did that obligatory thing where you take 8 billion photos and post them all over social media.


He was a little nervous, which was surprising. He’s been with Miss Theresa, his pre-K teacher, for a long time now though, so I guess I should not be surprised really. Plus out of his class of 14, only 5 of them stayed on for Kindergarten, so there were lots of new friends to meet (dude, amongst the new classmates is a set of identical triplets. Badass. Even better, Pete refers to them as “the 3 twins”). We made a point to stop and say ‘hi’ to Miss Theresa on our way to the K room, which made things a little easier.


Wanna know the key to dropping off your Kindergartener on the first day? Be late. I decided to drop Linus first so I wasn’t lugging 25 lbs. of baby around with us, but got stuck in traffic, blah blah blah, anyway my point is we were flying in the door post final bell. We stopped for a moment to see Miss Theresa, toss his junk in his locker, and then I basically shoved him in the classroom because they were already at the Reading Area and doing the morning roll. Oops. But hey: quick and easy. My kinda first day.


Because you just got several photos of Pete and Linus was feeling left out, here are some photos of him playing with his beloved Charlie Brown doll (the one he stole from his brother). He loves that thing.



Milliseconds after I took that last picture, he fell backwards trust-fall style into the hard part of the couch, and totally bit his tongue. And it was bleeding and gross and delayed bedtime because he was spitting out the blood all sad and stuff and I was freaking out trying to dab his tongue with a Kleenex so he wouldn’t have to spit which only pissed him off and anyway KIDS DUDE. KIDS RUIN EVERYTHING.

Our weekend was, yet again, spent mostly at home. I was kind of in a funk and didn’t want to really go anywhere, and hey: it’s the last of the “no plans” weekends for awhile, so what the hell. Let’s sit around and I won’t wash my hair and instead pile it up in a messy topknot and we’ll all hang out in PJs all day and watch The Lego Movie 56 times and TA DA, HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYBODY. We did, actually, venture out a few times. Pete and I went to JoAnn Fabrics not once, but twice – I got some supplies to start Halloween costumes, and then Saturday night while trimming up some loose fabric on Linus’ bib thing, I cut a hole in the bib. A big giant stupid hole. INSERT SEVERAL SWEAR WORDS. So we had to go back the next day and get new stuff for that.

We also made a Target run, hit up Savers (half price day! Too bad I didn’t really find anything I was looking for), and went out for one last Sundae Sunday. Well, for the summer, anyway 😉



It kinda rained off and on all weekend anyway, so I didn’t feel terrible about not getting out more. Our pool is open for another month, so suck it haters, I have time! Instead I worked on the Halloween costumes a wee bit, got a good start anyway. Cleaned the house a bit. And I pulled boxes upon boxes out of storage to pull out things for a consignment sale. The earnings will go towards a new ottoman in the living room, so it will be earnings well spent! And if anyone has a fall-born baby in the Madison area that needs fall/winter clothes, well let me just tell you – mosey on over to the Half Pint Consignment and snap up all the goods from seller #3222. Mostly Gap, awesome condition, and the cheapest price they allow ($2) because I just want it gone. BOOM.

Anyway, there’s the weekend in a nutshell. The rain made me want some Free State Octoberfest, but since that wasn’t happening we got some New Glarus instead. A decent sub, but unfortunately no replacement.


Linus has just been a little sprite this week. He sings happily along with the car radio, he loves to dance to a good beat (babies ‘dancing’ will never not be hilarious, with the random head bopping and leg pumping and arm flailing). If something makes us laugh, he attempts it a million more times. Also, for some ungodly reason, we have actually encouraged walking. Listen, I am not being sentimental here, it’s more about the fact that I just don’t wanna deal with a kid that mobile, they require soooooo muuuuuch attention and shadowing at that point. But anyway. He makes a funny concentration face so we took the brakes off his standing toys so he can cruise around with them. He was SO EXCITED, he pretty much just went back and forth all evening, squawking impatiently when he hit a wall and needed to be turned around. So I guess walking is not too far away, HURRAH. We are so dumb for teaching him that.



That last photo is pretty much awesome though, yeah? Creepy black-eyed soulless baby.

And that’s about it, you guys. Have a good week, will see you again on Sunday! I am also working on PDX posts so will have those up at some point. After I finish pricing all this consignment crap. And finish making the kids’ costumes. And finish chasing around a damn walking child and stuff.




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