Week in Review – 24 August 2014


You know what I suck at right now?  Blog updates.  I took some pictures of the kids this weekend, have at it.  That’s kind of all I have for anyone right now.  I mean that and a random photo of one of the few plants I have been able to keep alive somehow.



Yep. And now: heavy on the kiddo pictures. Mostly Linus, but only because he does not complain or run from my camera (yet). You guys: it was a rainy, hot hot HOT week. So: bad lighting, nothing to do but goof around the house.


Here: a wee bit o’ Pete.


Being stuck indoors wasn’t all that bad. Scott made it to the market early, and snapped up lots of sweet corn and tomatoes and pickling cukes. We blanched/froze 3 dozen ears of corn, then made corn stock with the cobs. Scott made several quarts of pickles. And we made our favorite roasted tomato pasta recipe 3 times in the past week.


We played with the boys and enjoyed the quiet weekend, which is never a bad thing. Linus is pulling up all the time now, and while not cruising furniture – he is even practicing standing on his own without pulling up on things, so perhaps our days of wee baby are soon ending. Now if only he would perfect SLEEPING AT NIGHT as well as he does other things…



I was able to beg a few more shots of my Peter at bedtime.


He’s a ball of energy these days – this weekend I took him to the mall, not only to pick up some school clothes (that time already, yep) but also to let him run off some of that extra energy at the fecal forts. Tomorrow we have school orientation (aka: pay up tuition and milk money, art fees, etc.) then later on in the week they start some half days to ease into the year. I am ready, but not. The summer was so nice, if it meant late nights it also meant we had another 15 minutes or so of leeway to leave the house in the mornings. Time to get back into things I guess.

Have a good week, all – will update again soon. Almost Labor Day weekend!


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