Week in Review – 17 August 2014

Welp, I’ve had better weeks, let’s just put it that way.

It was just a crappy week all around, to be honest. Back from vacation and back to the daily grind, that’s always a bummer. But other things happened to just drain the joy out of the week, and on top of that: Linus came home with (1) a raging case of separation anxiety and (2) a nasty, terrible cold. So needless to say: on top of everything else, my poor baby has been screaming himself hoarse every night. No exaggeration, Thursday night he slept 1 hour late in the evening and the rest was 20-45 minute spurts in-between long screaming jags. Fun. Fun times, my friends. I am ready to kiss this week good-bye.


Maybe because of that, maybe not, whatever: I felt the need to pick up a six-er of one of our more enjoyable brewery stops while in Portland. NOT READY TO GIVE UP THAT TIME, YOU GUYS. So we enjoyed some Deschutes beer this week. Also I made kitchen-y things in the evenings, like after the kiddos were in bed and all was said and done. Those of you that don’t know me might not know I had a food blog once, waaaaay back before we had kids. The photos are kind of cringe-worthy (I was still learning my way around a camera). I know there are tons of food blogs out there but whatever, it fulfilled a void I had at the time, and I had a decent following (averaged 2,000 hits per day). And it gave me a lifelong love for baking and cooking, one that I definitely turn to when life kinda sucks. So this week after putting the kids down and having the house in order, I put on a favorite movie and made things like a big batch of my favorite Summer Salad, or cherry bars, and Scott and I made a freaking vat of salsa one night. Felt good, evened up the ju-ju so to speak.

So anyway. All that, and I decided to purrrrrrrrge too. Boxes of stuff pulled up from the basement to be marked up for a future rummage sale. And on Friday we dismantled our beloved coffee table and tossed that puppy in a dumpster. I loved that giant modern-style beast, I really did, but: it was too huge. Too huge for every living space it has ever lived in. Also we bought the thing pre-kids, and it has about 632 sharp corners on it; not exactly kid friendly. We pushed it against a wall while Nikki was visiting and since then, all I could think about was just how BULKY and ANNOYING it was. I broke one of the glass inserts this year, and it’s banged up on top from Pete anyway, so: buh bye. I think I want a large ottoman to replace it, but haven’t quite decided yet, so for now we just have a nice open room for the baby to roam.

(I took a few pictures of our old beast coffee table but they are on a different memory card and I’m not in the mood to dig it out of the bag that contains ALL MY LOOSE CARDS, so just try to think back on your own if need be to remember the thing.)

Speaking of the baby: he’s at the Super Mega Curious stage so pretty much spends his day crawling around the house and pulling everything off of tables/chairs/from corners/etc., so that he can thoroughly inspect, talk to, and try to ingest these items. Or, if paper: rip happily into several pieces (then try to ingest). I spent about 80% of my free time following him around and cleaning up. Fun. BUT OTHERWISE. It’s the same-old-same-old, they play and do that kid thing and the end.



On a happy note: our CSA box was pretty sweet this week, lots of goodies, including several types of heirloom tomatoes and these gorgeous dragon beans. Pete has been sneaking off with them raw from the fridge so hopefully we have enough to get at least one meal out of them.


So this weekend was about cleaning the house and sorting/washing things for a future rummage sale and keeping the darn baby out of my plastic hanger stash (omg, plastic hangers, they are apparently the awesomest thing on the planet if you base it on the rate at which Linus screams and waves them around in the air and then tries to eat them). We were sure to hit the pool after a long hiatus. And today we took the kids out for Sundae Sunday, because: somehow this has not happened yet this summer? For shame! Linus loved Ella’s and the whole sundae thing and Pete rode the carousel before we left.



Oh and PS – Scott took Pete shoe-shopping, and my only requirement was that he get shoes with laces (time to learn to tie those puppies). I was kinda curious as to what Pete would pick, and: from a huge store full of any shoe a child could desire, my son picked out a pair of Chucks. Apparently the hard part was getting him to pick a color. What? What the WHAT? I was expecting some sort of flashing superhero shoes or something. Instead he picks… those. And insists on wearing them out of the store and did not take them off until we made him this evening, he adores them that much. That kid, he never fails to surprise me.

Anyway, time to go. Have a good week everyone, and we’ll see you again soon.


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