PDX in Review – 10 Aug 2014

It has been a long, fun week and we are all ready for a nice long nap.  I have mountains of laundry to finish and have to prep to get back to the Daily Grind tomorrow, but for now let me leave you with a few images from our trip to Portland.

We spent the first chunk at a retreat in the Columbia River Gorge (family reunion!).  Then a day coastal (wish we had spent longer).  Then the city, in all its glory.  All told: we were able to visit several craft breweries, dropped some serious dough at three separate visits to Powell’s, shopped, museum-ed, almost killed my 50mm, ate some stellar meals, walked lots, and had a great visit with family.

The Pacific Northwest is one of those areas that I just adore. I love the greenery and the trees and the mountains and the scruffy beaches. And the coffee huts along the highways, the bridges, the food carts, and the beer and food and freshly roasted coffee everywhere and that weather, zomg the weather, just EVERYTHING. I am pretty sure this love affair started when I was little and first saw The Goonies. No shame. Anyway. Every time we find ourselves out here, Scott and I ask ourselves: why haven’t we just moved here already?

A few photos to give a glimpse of the week, (hopefully, someday) longer posts to follow. Have a great week, friends.


First we hit up Hood River, for lunch and some splashing at the beach.



The family reunion started that evening, so we met up with everyone at the Menucha Retreat – a series of buildings nestled along the Columbia River Gorge. I am still sorting though tons of images – so good to catch up with everyone. Pete was smitten with little red-headed Pearl and she was sweet enough to let him follow her around constantly.





The pool had an amazing view. I never went swimming (Linus and I napped when Scott and Pete would go) and I am bummed I missed out.


The last day of the reunion, several of us drove over to Multnomah Falls. Gorgeous. We stopped to take in the view of the Gorge on the drive back. Truly God’s Country out there.



After lunch, we all went our separate ways. Pete got one last tree-climb in with Pearl (and her brother Hunter).


We hit up our hotel and went to bed early, then drove to the coast the next morning. I could have spent the rest of our trip there, true story. Love the Oregon coast.




The rest of our trip was spent in Portland. Poking around shops, walking all over downtown, sampling the local beers and eats. I’d like to pretend that we walked off all those goodies, but: the diet definitely starts tomorrow.





Pete’s favorite part of the whole trip was when we spent the day at the OMSI. He made us walk through the dinosaur exhibit three times.


Then back to pouring liquids down our throats, etc.



Hotel wise: we got a suite with pocket-door dividers this trip, which was really the way to go (it was nice to have our own room to retreat to after the kidlets went to sleep). Our hotel had an insanely huge free breakfast buffet (which we used to our advantage and ate as our ‘big’ meal of the day before we went off exploring). We were also given drink tickets for a free evening beverage from their bar every night. The ‘living room’ furniture was a bit worn, but the rooms were sunny and clean and the little perks were nice. Wouldn’t mind staying here next time we’re in the area.



We hit up Washington Park and the International Rose Test Garden our last full day there. We were all kinda wiped at that point, so it was nice to spend the day in a quiet, serene park. Totally recharged our batteries.




Last day: donuts, some good coffee (Heart was a happy surprise of good coffee, dare I say: same level as Stumptown), and then one last stroll downtown.

Then off to the airport, another good but long flight (when did both my children become such good travelers?), and a looooooong drive home from Midway. It felt longer than normal. Next time we need to fly in earlier if we’re flying through Chicago…



And now we’re home! We all slept like the dead after getting in so late, then it’s been a day full of unpacking and laundry and getting some groceries, etc. etc. etc. First things first though, we made a pot of Stumptown’s finest, that we drank from our PDX-esque mugs, while browsing the used copy of Toro Bravo we snagged at Powell’s. PDX, we miss ya already.




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  1. I don’t care where you are, you guys always find the most delicious looking donuts!

  2. Those coastal pics are amazing. Make my heart happy.

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