Random Weekly Update August 2nd style

LAWDY, what a crazy couple of weeks.

First off, I had a meeting in Kansas City. Pete asked me to take his rabbit, Stu, along for the trip, and I took lots and lots of pictures of Stu and I doing things together (be it riding on airplanes or finally ordering some room service for dinner at 10:00 pm).

It was as hot and swampy as expected, but I didn’t let that get me (too) down. Truthfully, we were too busy with the booth, handing out squeezy stress-toy animals and attending society stuff, to be bothered too much by the weather. I was able to squeeze in a late BBQ dinner one evening, and ordered Boulevard whenever I could, so all in all it was lovely, if much too short (no time to visit with family and friends, boo). Until next time, KC. I miss your food and your beverages (and duh, all your peoples).



Um, if I may though, let me just say: people are nuts for the free animal-shaped stress balls at this meeting. They were like animals themselves, grabbing several even after we politely asked them to only take one (or hell, just two. Please only take two). After a few days of feeling like we were being preyed upon by locusts, we started a few social experiments to see if they would affect the stress-ball-animal snatching. Elaborate animal towers? Nope, if anything that just attracted attention and people grabbed several as they dismantled them. One of each kind of animal at a time, to deter from snatching several? Nope, no guilt, people had no guilt grabbing the potential ‘last one’ of several animals. I tried only putting out several of only one STYLE of animal, which was a marginal success, although to be honest that didn’t deter some from taking multiples. By that point I was like GO AHEAD AND TAKE THEM ALL I HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO CARE ANYMORE.


Yes, we also had pens/pencils/notepads/stickers/first-aid kits/luggage tags/t-shirts (yes, t-shirts, we were MOBBED the first day and had no more free t-shirts after that fiasco) and animal-decorated sugar cookies.  Didn’t matter.  Everyone wanted the damned squeezy animals.

I got home late late late at night on… Wednesday I think? Anyway. Thursday work was nuts and Linus had his (belated) 9-month wellness appointment. He’s a mite on the fat side (he lost 4 oz. from when he was weighed a few weeks ago, and is still in the 98%ile. Heh) and everything else is looking just fine. I gave him the animal-shaped stress-ball I had kept for my own personal use, to play with while I chatted with the pedi, and next thing you know I’m fishing sheep ears out of his mouth. Mother of the year, that’s me. My earless, mouth-ripped sheep now sits proudly on my desk and out of dangerous baby hands.


Friday Nikki appeared! My oldest dearest friend flew in for a visit, and we squeezed in lots while she was here. Brewery visits, lots of good food, Fish Fry, farmer’s market, Monona Terrace, walking the Square, bumming around the Capitol, drinking Old Fashioneds, enjoying the UW Terrace in classic style, cheese shopping, clothes shopping, movie watching, and just hanging around at the house. It was a great, great visit. Too bad her airline insisted she check her cheese in her luggage for the flight back to “keep them cool”, a checked bag she had to pay for (and a bag she originally planned to just carry on). And then they lost her luggage, and she got her rotten cheese-filled luggage about 2 days later. MAJOR FAIL, AMERICAN AIRLINES.




Pete had a few school things, and was so exhausted by yesterday that he passed out on the couch, which is very not-Pete-like, for those that know our dear Energizer Bunny of a son. Even Linus seemed perplexed by this snoring version of his brother.


Right now we are in a rainy Chicago, soon to ship off for bigger adventures. Ones that involve hiking, beer, and donuts. I’ll (hopefully) update soonish. Until then: enjoy your summer, my friends.



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