Week in Review – 20 July 2014

Off on a business trip shortly, won’t be back until Thursday, so this might be my only update of the week. Anyhoo. Say a prayer for poor Scottie that he survives on solo parenting duty with those two crazy knuckleheads.



I’m excited for some good BBQ as well as adult conversations without kids trying to talk/squawk over me. Also I am damn excited for alone time in the evenings where I can sit around as I please in my hotel room, in the blessed quiet, and watch whatever I want on TV, or read my book in bed, and go to bed early, and SLEEP FOR MORE THAN 3 HOURS IN A ROW. Glorious!

That said: duh, I’m still gonna miss Pete’s random block towers being everywhere, and Linus’ goofy faces, and the nice quiet meal alone that my husband sometimes treats me to, after those bozos go to bed, like the one this weekend with the nice steak and the balsamic reduction we pretty much put over EVERYTHING OMG SO GOOD.




Anyway. Yep. I’ll miss those guys, too. Have a great, QUICK week, everyone.




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