Linus – 9 Months


Nine months! I think we did a lotta growing in-between 8 and 9 months.

His baby babble is getting more developed, and he sings sometimes which is a million kinds of awesome because it’s kinda like a baby falsetto.


Lots of personality.  Curious about everything we’re doing, will muscle in to get a good look and study hard.  He loves patty-cake and peek-a-boo and anything that his big brother will play with him.  Also a few toys hold his attention, but mostly he just loves bowls or baskets of stuff.  So he can take things out, and put them back in, or pour them out, then put them back in, or stir them with a spoon, repeat repeat repeat…  Also he’s obsessed with my keys.  Which can get pretty annoying.


He crawls now. He’s starting to pull up. He can go from laying to sitting to crawling and back, although I have to say when he tries to change direction quickly it’s pretty entertaining. One of these times he’s going to have a roll-over accident with that maneuver.


He has had some major slippage in the sleep department.  We had moved him to his real crib, the room he shares with Pete, because he was only getting up once a night.  But then he started getting up 2 or 3 times a night again, sometimes up for hours, which: NO BABY NO. A-hole. So now he’s back in the portable crib in our room, until we get this all sorted out. This sleep regression is pretty normal (so many mental and physical changes really messes with a kid’s sleep patterns) but it is really kicking our butt.

Oh, and teeth: we now have 7.  SEVEN TEETH YOU GUYS.  As of this morning I was sure we only had 5.  He was cranky and hasn’t been napping well (which: usually his naps are golden, always good) and has a fever and can’t stop tugging on his ear…  So I took him to the doctor assuming an ear infection, but he pointed out “um he’s got 2 new teeth on top, that’s your problem (unspoken part: duh, dumbass)”. Oh yeah.  Teeth.  So anyway, MOAR TEEF.  I swear this is way more quickly than with Peter, so it seems just way too fast.

Well, actually all of this seems to be going a mite too fast, but I guess that’s just how it goes, huh?


Anyway.  Happy Niner, Biggie. It looks great on you.



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