Week in Review – 13 July 2014


Hi you guys! Another week, another update… This week was a little crazy. Our normal daycare lady was on vacation, so Linus was going to a ‘temp’ daycare. Jenifer was super awesome and I could tell Linus was in good hands. As a bonus: she’s in Verona, which means I could drop off Linus before Pete and could, in the end, get to work a little earlier every morning. The downer: we had to be out the door extra early every day. OOF. Does not help when your baby isn’t sleeping well at night. But we made it, somehow.

Friday was Stelly Day! I love our office Stelly Days and am still bummed I missed the first one. Last year we hit up the Forestry Products Lab and UW Dairy Barn. This year, we went to Olbrich Gardens.

So: we have hit up Olbrich Gardens, but in the colder months, so never got to see the gardens. Pete took several field trips with his class for different events. But I have to say: after touring it with my office, I am a little ashamed that we don’t come here more often. I plan to get us here at least once before the summer is out.

FYI, a guided tour is the way to go if you can schedule it. I learned tons, just TONS. The place is gorgeous, and split into different regions/sections. First up we hit up the Sunken Garden, the herb garden, several other smaller garden areas, the “touch and smell” garden (the plants smell like other stuff! Like Apples and Mimosas and Popcorn, NO REALLY!). Sustainable gardens, etc. All just beautiful. Oh, and their grape arbor was donated by the ladies of Greenbush (the old Italian neighborhood in Madison).




I think my favorite were the Thai gardens. So lush, so pretty.



Olbrich Gardens is home to a Thai Pavilion (or Sala), which is kind of a Big Deal, because there are only 4 of them outside of Thailand that bear the Royal Seal (that means it was approved by the Thai Royal Family). It was made completely by hand in Thailand, disassembled, and shipped to Olbrich to be re-assembled (without using even one nail or screw). Even the decorations are all hand-painted, and lots of delicate gold leafing. How that thing survives Wisconsin winters is beyond me, but hey. Glad to have it, it’s gorgeous (if you note a red line in the ground tile around the Sala: that line points to Thailand).




See the Naga in the walkway?


We took in the last of the gardens, including the rose garden, then headed back inside for lunch. We were ushered into a private room for our informal awards luncheon and, uh. Dudes were repairing the glass panels above our heads. I am happy to say, no one fell through on top of any of us.


And that’s that, another Stelly Day is done!

Our weekend was totally and completely low key. We thought about doing the Art Fair on the Square (but: crazytown). Or La Fete de Marquette (and then I got a massive migraine, first one in a year, so: no go on that either). In the end it was lovely to just tuck in at home – it is really busy for us from here on out, so a weekend relaxing is certainly not a bad thing. We did get a few things done, like Pete finally got a haircut. He was super-concerned – he didn’t even want to go, he wants it SUPER LONG. Or a mohawk. I’ll take a long-hair over that, at least for the time being, because I’m pretty sure Social Services would take my baby away if I gave him a mohawk… Anyway , the lady was really nice and trimmed him up like an inch all-around, and we were on our way. That was totally it, you guys. To be honest I could have done with more coming off, but since I had already asked her to go back and take off more once already, I was paranoid she’d shear him if I did. So whatever, it works.

I still took a Before photo just in case he lost all his hair. Not much different than the After, though.


After his haircut, Pete and I went to get his Kindergarten school supplies. This is WAY EARLY but we got the list in the mail, so we were doing it. I cheated a lot, I won’t lie. I could not find 8-count Crayola Marker sets, so I got the 10 set. I could not find a lot of stupid name-brand stuff, like the exact Kleenex boxes or Lysol Disinfecting Wipes requested (seriously, look at that last photo – Target literally had every brand BUT Lysol). So I was like SCREW IT ALL and got all the off brand for stuff like that. Too bad so sad, they can deal. I am a total Rebel Mom.


Sunday I took a new dance class – off all things, Zumba, and it was FUN! I actually liked it! Theirs has a little bit of the shaky-shake thanks to the bellydancing they are known for at our dance studio, so it was pretty fun. And now that’s now our Regular, buh-bye Burlesque, it’s official. Or maybe PiYo because I haven’t made it to that class yet and Tricia and I vowed to give that a shot.

Anyway, that was pretty much it. We watched the World Cup match and rooted for Germany like pretty much the rest of the USA. Luckily they won (on a beautifully perfect goal, I should add). And the boys pretty much spent the day like they did Saturday, screwing around. Linus is big enough now to actually have fun ‘playing’ with Pete. We shall see how long that lasts…



Here are individual pictures of the boys, because I dunno whatever. I took them, so you get to see them.


Aaaaaaaand. Because I really have nothing else of worth to add, I am going to leave you with: Linus vs. Basil.


Yep, that’s it. Signing off. Next week we shall see, I have a work trip so might not have any update for you, sorry guys. Darn that work crap always getting in the way…


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