Week in Review – 7 July 2014

That angel baby of ours* is going through the 9-month sleep regression period, orrrrr at least that’s what I’m telling myself because that makes it seem as if this sleepless night thing is not just The Norm and will actually stop at some point…. What is the reason this time, is it the teeth, the fact that he’s clearly more aware, that he has started crawling, that the books tell me separation anxiety sets in soon? Take your pick. Last night I think Scott and I got maybe 3? Four hours of sleep, tops? That’s total, not in a row… So anyway, I am most certainly not in any mood to sit up half the night recounting every last precious thought that has come through this little brain of mine this week. Instead, you are getting this nice whiny vent about SLEEP. And maybe a few quick sentences to note what exactly happened when and to whom, the end.

*This is, honest to god, what our daycare provider calls him. For serious. Clearly she does not actually have to live with him in the overnight hours, when he shrieks and yells and thrashes and wants nothing to do with me, his crib, or anything else. Except maybe yet another bottle. How can a baby be such a sweet, happy, mellow lump during the day and then be so hateful overnight? HOW?

Anyway. We had a good, long weekend with food, festivities, and a great visit with friends from the KC area. Much too short. Pete woke up in a funk this morning, knowing his daily adventures with his buddy Bridget were over so quickly, and I can’t say I blame him. Safe travels back to Kansas City, Julie and Dan and those cute little ladies! Clearly we all miss you already.

Thursday Pete’s class had their annual 4th of July ‘parade’. Much patriotic music, dancing, bike-riding. No Neil Diamond blaring this year though, that made me a little sad.



Afterwards we hit up the Fitchburg Farmer’s Market for some fruit to make galettes. The Fitchburg Farmer’s Market is… quaint. Very few vendors and not a one with fruit. Pete settled for kettle corn (he wanted to eat it in the car but LOOK AT THAT BAG NO WAY MAN. Then I remembered I had a bunch of hospital-grade barf bags hanging around in the car, just waiting to be put to any sort of use.


We picked up Linus and grabbed some groceries (including FRUIT) before heading home.


That night I took Pete out for his first ‘official’ public fireworks display. Kinda. You see, I’m in no mood to actually drive to the actual park and fight for ground space for our neighborhood display. They shut down major roads for this thing and people start staking out spaces several hours ahead I mean: just, no. So we stopped at the gas station up the street for cookies and a lemonade, then parked at a nearby fitness club (as recommended by a coworker). And it appears word got around about this spot, because LOTS of people were parked there for the same reason.


The 4th came around bright and early and we started the day with our usual traditions – decorated and then got busy blowing through all the confetti poppers.



I cleaned the house and made galettes and potato salad. That took me, no lie, 9 hours. Nine hours straight of work, thanks to that little bugger who decided to start crawling and I mean, CRAWLING EVERYWHERE. Guh.


Scott eventually took pity on me and took charge of the situation.


Then later that night it was time for the fountains. That the neighbors set off. Obviously.


Saturday we met up with our KC buddies, to take in the Farmer’s Market. We made it as far as the first sight of cinnamon rolls. Pete and Bridget sat to have a bite before getting to know each other better by running all over the Capitol.



Next we hit up the Children’s Museum…


At which point, Pete and Bridget were BFFs and held hands as they ran all the way to Ian’s for some lunch.


We broke for naps, then met back up for dinner later. We hit up the Dane, but not because the beer is spectacular (it’s not; in fact Pete was once all, “What’s that place called again? Old Navy?” and I have to admit, that’s a damn good comparison…). Instead it worked because it’s loud, huge (if they needed to run the halls) and the food is good. Dinner was crazy, in fact I failed to get any photos. Too busy child herding. Afterwards they headed for ice cream, and we got Pete a cupcake down the way at Gigi’s.


The next day we took the visitors to New Glarus, mainly to check out the best brewery in the state. We stuck around and had a picnic at their beer garden. The kids LOVED running all over the pretend ‘ruins’ (don’t quite get that part, but whatever it’s still an awesome space).







When we got back to town, Julie and I took the kidlets to our pool to cool off, it got rather warm that day. I pretty much stalked little Alice so I could take pictures of her curls. They remind me of Peter’s baby curls, just ruffly and tight and all over her head (with a nice big curl at the top, I DIE OF THE CUTE).


Bridget and Peter thought it was funny to lick the pool rails. Gah-ross.


Eventually, it came time for them to leave. Pete was pretty bummed to lose his new buddy. He found one of Bridget’s bracelets in our couch cushions and he wears it and tells me he will do so until he sees her again and can return it. We shall see how long until he loses the thing…

Oh, and Linus’ balloon is gone. The string ripped off (darn rough-necking boys), high enough where we couldn’t re-tie it, so Pete and I went outside to very theatrically release it into the wild. I assumed it would float slowly up to the sky and we could watch it majestically disappear. Instead it swooped with the wind and whapped right into the pines out front.

And got stuck there.

Actually I just checked and it is still, in fact, there.


So there you go. Time to log off, fold the last of the laundry, and GO TO BED YO. So I can be woken up in probably half an hour…

Toodles. Pray for sleeeeeeeeeeep.


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