Week in Review – 30 June 2014

So we have gotten lots of rain. AGAIN. Broken record time, am I right?

Pete had his first t-ball game of the season on Wednesday, thankfully the rain stayed away that evening. No food trucks this year, which: wuhhhhh? WHERE ARE OUR FOOD TRUCKS YOU GUYS. Hopefully it was just an ‘off’ week or some other random reason. Because I kinda liked our post-T-ball food truck dinners.



Linus watched like a good little chum. Afterwards we went to Old Chicago for some pizza, since we were food-truck-less.


Saturday was kinda chill most of the day, so I got some shots o’ the boys just hanging at home. Linus in his ‘drool rag’ (one of several we never use because of course, of course, I invested in cute ones and I end up with a baby that never drools). Pete modeled his new shirt, the one he then stained with chocolate shortly after I took photos. SEE PEOPLE THIS IS WHY I TAKE SO MANY PHOTOS. Kids ruin everything and quickly.



Saturday evening we went to the Mallards game with my coworkers, ACSESS Night Out! We did the full tailgate and Pete was really really into it this year. He wore his tailgate bracelet proudly and even asked that I take photos of our bracelets. He cheered for a bit, was gifted cotton candy from Tricia, and his dad bought him a Mallards hat at the gift shop that he wears every day.



Also nevermind the Pete Selfie. He needs to work on his technique.


Linus was pretty good, but slowly went into meltdown mode. So we left kinda early, once the full-on screaming commenced.


Sunday we headed to Stevens Point, to attend my Uncle Gene and Aunt Nancy’s 40th wedding anniversary. We stopped on the way for lunch, because we weren’t sure if there would be food and while that’s not a problem for Scott and I, Linus and Pete would most certainly be a couple of Grade A Whiners if they didn’t get a proper lunch first. So we stopped at the Hilltop and got some apps. Note to self: if you order a side of fries to go with their house-made mini corn dogs, they bring you a giant basket. You totally get your money’s worth here and it was allllll good.


Then we headed to the party, and sure enough: massively huge lunch spread, everything you could ever want. We are so dumb. We had loads of fun, Linus and his Grandpa Peter did a lot of bonding and worked the room together. Pete ran amok with his cousins, ate lots of treats from the dessert bar, and drank a lot of soda. Scott and I were able to catch up with a lot of peeps too, which was lovely as always. I didn’t get a photo of the Couple of Honor and I’m so mad at myself! Next time, you guys – next time. Again we stayed until the baby got grumpy, then drove back home. The fact that my aunt Nancy gave Linus a balloon sure helped his mood, though. I think he only screamed 20 minutes at most.



So we get home Sunday, get settled, feed the boys, baths and bedtime, then start laundry. And storms start firing up… So it was Thunderstorm Warnings, then Tornado Warnings, and we were up late yet again to see how the weather panned out.

Monday? Same story, except over rush hour. I left work a little early in an effort to beat it, but I got tied up in traffic anyway while we went yet again from Thunderstorm Warnings to Tornado Warnings. I took a different route after getting Linus and we didn’t get hit with the incoming storm until maybe a mile from home, so we were (thankfully) close to home when that awful storm whacked us. Although I have to say, speeding along mostly empty streets as the sky goes black and the wind suddenly hits is more than a little unnerving. Mommy was pretty shaky by the time I pulled into the garage, I do not handle tornadoes and sirens and all those things very well.

It did make for some crazy beautiful colors as the sun set, though. The sky was so intensely orange, it was glowing orange into the house from all the windows. At 8:30p! Just crazy.


Okay ladies and gents, that’s all I have. Have a good week, and I will be back soon enough with another update! A happy and safe 4th of July to you all!



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