Week in Review – 22 June 2014

If you asked me to describe the week in one word, I would have to say: RAIN.  Rain rain rain rain; it has rained every day.  We also got our first severe weather of the season.  And at midnight on Monday, to boot.  I was still awake, hacking up a lung with my latest cold, so I was mildly surprised when our phones started freaking out.  Scott and I then hung out in bed awake for about the next hour-ish, watching the storms brew up and appear on the radar and then laughed to ourselves as the meteorologists struggled to find hook echos and accidentally played their spotter feeds over the air.  We were in the clear, that was for sure, so we never really left the comfort of our bed. And that’s saying a lot, since tornadic weather generally gives me major anxiety. One good thing about spending all that time in Kansas, we can read a radar just as well (if not better) than your average news meteorologist.

Wednesday morning Pete had a dentist appointment (cavity filling, FUN), and to top things off – more severe weather.  Again, not in our exact area, so even though a tornado warning was called when we were about a quarter mile from the dental office, we still went.  They were still up and running, which was nice (I was expecting cowering in the stairwells, to be honest).  Pete watched a good chunk of The Lion King, then stumbled on out of the office.  After first getting up and stumbling in the wrong direction, almost running into a wall.  I have never gotten the gas when having a dental procedure, and man it really knocks that dude out.  Maybe I should start…


Then it rain rain rained right on into the weekend.  Friday evening was actually kinda nice, so we hit the pool for the first time in almost a week.

Saturday I had big plans.  Clean, make freezer stuff, hit up Day at the Farm at Sassy Cow.  And I did a bit of it, I did. Made frozen choco-covered bananas, several batches of pizza dough, a big ole’ pot of refried beans, and a meat/bean mixture for Mexican dishes.  All into the freezer.  Then on to the farm, except: then the rain started.  OF COURSE.  So we sat on the front porch and made mean faces about how the weather ruined our plans.  I mean, at least Peter did, Linus apparently did not get the message.


Pete ran around in the rain instead.  Whatever, at least he got outside for some fresh air.  I did drag him back in when the lightning/thunder showed up.


Yeah that kinda covers things.  Stuck in the house, womp womp.


Later, closer to evening, it finally cleared up and the sun came out, so we ran off to Union Terrace to enjoy the sun (and humidity, LAWDY it was bad, even though it was only in the upper 70s temp-wise) and Jazz from JazzFest.  This is our first trip to the Terrace this year, which is kind of a travesty.  Time to step up our game and come up here more often.

I was feeling generous and we really didn’t have a plan, so I told Pete to “lead the way”.  He took this as an invitation to run everywhere.  He ran, and he ran, and he ran, and I ran behind him because hello it was packed.  Needless to say we got a decent workout.


Eventually he decided ice cream sounded like a good idea, so found us a spot to sit and then his daddy bought him a nice giant cone. Then went off in search of beers to quench our thirst after our marathon around the Terrace.


So we had our beers, Pete dripped ice cream everywhere, and Linus did a few jigs in his baby carrier.  Clearly a fan of Jazz, that boy.  We took one last spin around the Terrace, then headed home.


We got home really late, so the kids were way wound up and slept like crap (for the 2nd night in a row). Weeeeeee, summer!

Linus was up early, so I got up with him and finished a few things around the house and watched this really bizarre cartoon about singing bricks (? Whatever it made him happy, lots of colors).  Then I made cinnamon toast for breakfast, the recipe I use is kind of elaborate but awesome and I only make it like once a year, so I hope they enjoyed it.  Linus certainly enjoyed his first foray into cinnamon-toast land.


Then the kiddos played around and really not a lot else to talk about.


Pete and I made a rhubard crunch, we all went for a nice long dip in the pool, I took a nice long nap with Linus (BOO-yah).  Scott grilled for dinner and we watched that soccer match (just: GUH.  I know a draw was a good thing but the end of that game was just depressing).  Thank goodness we had rhubard crunch to drown our sorrows after that match.  Also I had Pete drawings to enjoy (he drew me a photo of Skywalker with his blue lightsaber, standing in a doorway, fighting a battle droid (the orange thing off to the side).  The doorway also has an orange force field and the gray lines are hammers. Yeah I still dunno.  But his drawing skills are slowly improving…



That’s it, friends.  See you next week.


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  1. I loooove this cover pic.

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