Linus – 8 Months

Moose Tacos is 8 months old, you guys.


Month 7 to Month 8 is when we went from the gummy-smiled sweet wee baby to Big Boy baby.

Yeah, I know.

I’m serious.

It’s true.


Because now, he doesn’t just relax in my arms and watch the world. He sits on my hip and he twists and he turns and he plays peek-a-boo with anyone who catches his eye. He wants nothing to do with cuddles, and he’s growing more hesitant with strangers. Put him on the floor, and he rolls and inch-worms into all sorts of trouble. Sharp furniture corners are such baby magnets!

The other day I set him on the bedroom floor with a few toys while I folded laundry, to only hear some angry squawks coming from under the bed. Oh yes, he rolled and inched a good 4 feet, did a 90-degree turn, and scooted under the bed butt-first. In about 2 minutes. And after extracting him, he did it again. And again. And again.


He’s so close to crawling, really. He gets up on all fours constantly and just rocks and rocks and rocks. It makes me want to cry. And not in a ‘MAI BAYBEEE IS GETTING SO BEEEEG!!!!” way, but moreso because I am just not ready to chase him all over the house and back every waking moment of every single day.


Remember when I told you he got Two Whole Teeth At Once? You know, two weeks ago? Well, now he has five. FIVE TEETH, PEOPLE. Two tops and three bottoms. At this rate, he’ll have the full set in a month.


He sleeps on his side now, chubby thighs asunder and blanket pulled over his head. He loves to play peek-a-boo. He is learning to wave. He can tell when we are almost home after daycare, I think he recognizes the row of townhomes from the car window.


Yesterday he stopped his usual wail (such a car hater) and smiled out the window at those townhomes. So on a whim, I thought I’d drive on past. He started wailing again. I circled back, he smiled when we got to the townhomes. So again I drove away and he cried. So my theory, today at least, is that he hates the car OH SO MUCH that he has trained himself to spot the row of townhomes that mean we’re almost there.

Now watch this particular Thing never ever happen again, and I look like a big old liar-pants. Because that, too, is par the course when you have kids.


So anyway, that’s the Moose in a nutshell right now. Big boy alert, you guys. Next thing you know we’ll be talking about Kindergarten, that seems to be the accelerated rate at which this little weirdos grow.


Next time…


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  1. He is something else, that boy of yours. Love this too: Now watch this particular Thing never ever happen again, and I look like a big old liar-pants. Because that, too, is par the course when you have kids.

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