Week in Review – 15 June 2014


Have you noticed at all that my dear darling baby Peter has gotten uglier in the past several months? It’s not your eyes, I am just too tired to go through photos and look at his precious face and edit out the little baggy eyes or scratches or whispy hairs, whatever. TOO MUCH OTHER STUFF TO DO. So your eyes are not deceiving you, he’s actually uglier. Sorry about that Pete, having a little brother really sucks mommy’s free time away.

However I still edit out random dirt spots on my carpet. Because I still have a shred of dignity left. Oh wait I mean HERE LOOK AT THIS DARLING PHOTO OF PETE SHOWING LINUS HOW TO CRAWL.


So hey, this week? Was CAH-razy. BUSY OMG. Work was busy, plus the 5-year wellness visit for Pete (no shots! He was ecstatic over that one) and also I got a nasty chest cold. Yes, AGAIN. Actually it feels more like a sinus infection as of today, so: JOY.

We did hit the pool when we could, which was a nice constant. We need more recipes for easy/healthy weekday meals that we can toss together quickly post-pool, so if you have any please share.



Saturday we drove to Appleton and spent some time visiting my sister Coco + fam. We had a late lunch at Stone Cellar, which was so fun (really good beer) then hung out at her house before meeting up with Caitlin for some picture-time. You can tell that I was preoccupied because not one photo to share, not a one. I did grab some shots of the sky on the way home, so here you go. Much better than me sharing the hour-ish-long scream fest that Linus provided from the back seat on the way home. Then he was so thrown off his schedule that he was up every hour or so last night, and not just “oh hai I’m awake let’s hang!”, but instead screamy sad baby styley.

We are heading to Stevens Point in a few weeks and I am trying to talk Scott into making an overnight weekend of it, truly, because I am not sure I can endure all that again. I am serious. It was pretty bad, y’all.


Sunday came bright and early (and I mean: early). The boys and I ran off to Metcalfe’s and grabbed some donuts in honor of Father’s Day, then I made some coffee and Scott got up and we made a grand old morning of it. The boys got him a bottle of beer, some licorice, and a membership to the Society of Beer Travelers. He also has the promise of a new grill on the horizon, I just suck at picking that stuff out so he’ll have to purchase on his own.

We spent the day pretty much catching up on stuff. I filled out tons of paperwork (for Pete’s summer school, CSA reimbursement at work, and new daycare papers for Linus). It took me over an hour to get through it all, so it’s worth noting, dammit. Scott cleaned the living room ceiling fan, which was way harder than one would imagine. Then the usual weekend chore stuff blah blah blah.


For lunch we took dad out to Vintage Brewing. We head here a lot for meals, but (1) it’s close to home, (2) the food is good, and (3) the beer is lovely. So there. While waiting for a table, I tried to get a good shot of the boys together, but that was a crapshoot because Pete kept getting up to do dance moves. This kid, he has some wicked moves. Look out, world: here comes the next Patrick Swayze (it is a running joke between Scott and I that my dream is that one of the boys is the next Patrick Swayze. Just in case you pick up on the unusual amount of Patrick Swayze references around here).




I forgot to delete the photo of the guys in the collage below, so ignore that first one… I had a hibiscus saison, that’s pictured, let’s focus on that instead. Super delish, like a rosy floral champagne.


Then we went home, pulled together for school/daycare tomorrow (first day of summer school, so there was lots of supplies to gather…), then here we are.

A Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, mine and my husband included. Hope you all had a wonderful day and got lots of hugs out of the deal.


See ya next week.


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