Week in Review – 26 May 2014


I have a wicked chest cold, so minimal explanation to follow. This, FYI, is after two sick kids this week, a husband that then got sick as well, and I also had to get major antibiotics for an infected finger (… I will spare you the details, just know it was HORRIBLE) and also! Work was super stressful and busy. So anyway, I am not going to blather on a whole bunch this week.

You’re welcome.

First on the agenda this week: beer tour and picnic at Wisconsin Brewing Company. Some drunk lady on the tour kept gushing about how much Linus looks like Prince George. DRUNK LADY, I emphasize. Considering he’s been confused for a girl baby no less than twice this week alone, I am skeptical of the Prince George comparisons.



I made these awesome sandwiches with bacon, blue cheese, and avocado. They were super quick and easy and oh so tasty. I did not finish mine, not by a long shot, so we took it back home. My husband then devoured it when I wasn’t around. I was not so happy when I went looking for it for lunch later that weekend…


Saturday we had the Bun Run at BratFest. Actually, we did the 2-miler walk, we are not so hardcore as to do the 10K or even the 5K. At least not with the wee kids. Scott strollered with Linus and I did the brisk walk/run with Pete, which was admittedly more of a run than I was anticipating. This boy was meant to be a runner, make no mistake. We did see many a character on our run (brat heads and shark costumes, yo). We also spotted a fireman in full gear who ran the full thing, that amazing man. Pete was pretty excited that we finished with him (forget that we did the short WALK, not the 5K or 10K).



After we finished, we waited for Scott/Linus, then we picked up some post-race goodies (water and bananas, Linus was pretty excited) and walked into BratFest Proper to check things out and grab the free brats and beers from our ‘race’. Whatever, they were well earned.



Pete got a balloon from one of the radio stations on site. Oh, the joy! Then it blew away. And he was devastated.

We still stopped to see the Weinermobile on our way out, Peter sorrows be damned, and Linus accepted a sticker. That he promptly ate. Instead of taking it away I took a photo, which is de rigueur for the second child, am I right?


We hit the neighborhood pool that afternoon, OMG YOU GUYS THE AWESOMENESS OF THAT. I missed the pool. Linus took things like a champ and chilled in his little floaty device like a boss. In a shark hat.


Sunday we had a birthday party for Pete’s friend Xander. It was held at a local playground spot, full to the brim with play areas and trampolines. The trampolines were a total hit. I was chilling with the other mommies, swapping stories with Bethany and Xander’s moms about neighborhood excitements and middle-of-the-night oddities of our kids, when we looked over to watch them bounce. And then I watched, as Pete happily bounced, three times, right on out the (not zippered closed) safety net, just this look of pure bliss on his little face as he flew through the air and then landing hard. On the concrete floor. OY.

Needless to say, he is still hobbling around on his severely bruised feet, but I am just glad he did not majorly screw up his knees and did not break any bones. The end.


I took him to the pool as soon as we got home just to soak those poor feet, not sure if it did much but help his mood. No matter. His injuries did not stop him from doing his usual clowning around that evening, so: there’s that. He was just confined to his butt more often than usual. Not a bad thing really.


And finally, to Monday. First we had a late breakfast, then Pete and I hit some sales at the mall (I think those boys are finally ready for summer now), and then after we got home Scott ran out to get some potting supplies (we all planned on going, but Pete’s feet were still sore especially after hitting the mall, so off Scott went alone). After that, we were finally ready to face the day, so we all got into our swimwear and packed a bag and prepared the swim gear and headed out the door… only to be greeted with thunder and rain. Figures.


Let me just point out: the rain lasted a grand total of 15 minutes. However, our pool club has a policy that the pool must remain closed at least 90 minutes after lightning is spotted, so while we didn’t actually see any lightning ourselves, clearly the pool peeps did, because it was closed for the next 90 minutes, even though it was all sunshine and roses and hot as hell and REALLY PEOPLE, REALLY. OPEN THE DAMNED POOL.

So whatever, Scott and Pete made up all our container plants while I put down Linus and cleaned up the house. By the time the pool was back open more storm clouds were blowing in (ironically) so we never did make it to the pool. Drats.


Once the rain started we hung out inside. Linus loves the gear toy, finally. He is obsessed, really. And it brings out some interesting expressions.


That about sums things up! I hope everyone had a wondeful Memorial Day weekend. Will see you next weekend for sure, if not sooner.



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