Week in Review – 18 May 2014


I am so tired, for real. And have another load of laundry to finish, stuff to get ready for our Monday morning, I’d like to squeeze in my shower tonight, AND: we are finally watching that latest Star Trek movie. Um, the one from last summer… So, you know, anyway. I’m going to make this short.

This week was cah-razy! As weeks tend to go these days. Saturday we did a lot of errand-running, like as in Scott went to the market and then Pete and I ran a bunch of errands and then Scott and Pete went back out and did grocery shopping, etc. etc. I really planned on us all hitting the market, but it froze overnight and was still in the high 30s plus it is graduation weekend, which means everyone and their brother was probably down there, soooo: no thanks. Let Scott fight that battle on his own, ya know?

So anyway, Saturday I got a few photos of Linus sitting and playing on the floor, and Pete playing with a glow stick in his room later that night. Super duper exciting stuff, I know.




Sunday I slept until 9:30a. This was, by the way, much longer than I slept even on Mother’s Day, and while usually I would feel vaguely guilty about this fact, this morning I did not. For two reasons. (1) We thought the baby had an ear infection, as he was doing all the classic things (sick and whiney and pulling on his left ear and screaming when we laid him down and sleeping badly. BADLY.) As it turns out: he awoke on Sunday morning completely refreshed and, aside from pulling on that ear more, he seemed back to his old self. That was good news.

But bad news from Saturday night part (2): I awoke at 2am not to the baby this time, but Pete. Pete in the bathroom with a total accident-type situation, which involved then cleaning the floor, the toilet, tossing rugs in the washer, and then getting him into fresh PJs. Problem, though – he refused to let me come back to his room with him. Hmmmmmmm… Long story short, once I hit his doorway and realized what was going on: he had sneaked into our bedroom, took the Kindle off the charger and smuggled it back to his room so he could play Angry Birds Go, AND ALSO had also sneaked off with and attempted to open a future birthday present we had gotten for him, that could be used with the game (some Telepod thing). Apparently all the concentration to smuggle these items caused him to underestimate just how badly he had to pee, which had put him in the current situation. AND HELLO. All of this, going down at 2am. Messes and bad behavior and a good talking-to, which he responded to with a major temper tantrum. AT TWO A.M. YES SIR. By the time all was cleaned up, disciplined, calmed down, and back to bed: it was 3am. And I was still super angry, you guys, so then I laid in our bed and angrily surfed the Internet on my phone for about a half hour. I finally calmed down once I saw a friend on Instagram had posted where her son had basically tagged the side of their house with a spray paint can he had found, then blamed it on his sister. Oooookay, my situation wasn’t quite that bad. But still! Fun times. FUN TIMES WITH CHILDREN YOU GUYS. I guess I should just be grateful that it was the weekend.

That totally went against my “keep this short” thing, sorry. But I had to vent! Guhhhhhh. So I slept in because my husband is a beautiful man and whisked the children away when they awoke at that ungodly hour that children tend to awaken on the weekends, so I could get some sleep. Once I woke up I was back to liking my kids, mainly because I could bust out my new pretty coffee pot and make some lovely lovely coffee to enjoy along with their precious (and loud) child antics. Pete is enamored with it right now. Can’t blame the guy.

After taking some coffee to the face, Pete and I got ready and headed out so he could get a haircut. I played with his hair while de-tangling it before we left, giving him an early-Keifer-Sutherland-style ‘do, and then off we went. I wanted to have my fun in case this lady chopped off all his glorious hair like the last woman did. Thankfully, this chick understood people with loads of cowlicks and slight curls, and she didn’t give him a dork cut. HALLELUJAH, I totally have her name and she is going to be the official stylist from here on out. That only took 2 years to sort out.


When we got back, it was beautiful out. BEAUTIFUL. The boys played outside (Pete on his bike, Linus in a sitting chair thingie on the front stoop).


(Yes, our winter wreath hanger is still proudly hanging from the front door. I keep forgetting to take that dumb thing down, sorry. I swear all the other Christmas stuff was stored away long ago.)

It was so nice that we all hopped in the car and ran up to Picnic Point. This spot is close to our home and just the best little walk ever. Lots to see, lots of space to run and explore, enjoy the sun and mild temps, just: ahhhhhhhh. I feel recharged.




By the time Pete bit it for the 3rd time, and accumulated his 3rd “bleeder”, he was Over It. We were already on the way back to the car so I kinda carried him the rest of the way (like a SUCKER), and then we ran over to The Underground Butcher because we were halfway there by that point, so why not. It was lovely and definitely grilling weather out. Unfortunately: they were out of most grilling meats in their case, so we ended up with Chilean Longaniza and Italian sausages and picked up some cured meat, dried heirloom beans, and a bag of rosemary shortbreads. Today the hipsters in the store were a happy bunch, so that was nice (Madison hipsters are not like Lawrence hipsters in that they can sometimes be kinda snooty, which is a shame). Then a quick stop at Willy’s Coop and back home, to get to grilling.


We grilled the sausages as well as some chicken for recipes later in the week and our market potatoes and asparagus. We ate well tonight.


The weather was so nice that we decided to get some ice cream after dinner, so off to the Chocolate Shoppe we went. I got a sundae with a salted-cashew-caramel ice cream with caramel topping. Linus loved it, looooooved it. He kept screaming loudly when I wasn’t shoveling it in his mouth fast enough. His Aunt Beah would have been so proud to have seen that 🙂


Then home and to bed and dishes and laundry and blah blah blah here we are. The movie is now over (Not too shabby!) and I should probably hit the shower and finish that folding. Have a great week everyone – ALMOST MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! I hope everyone gets loads of sleep and has a relaxing week leading up to it. So there.

See ya next week.


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