Linus – 7 Months


Because I am very busy, very tired, and not in the mood to be wordy (but not willing to Let This Go Any Longer), I’m giving you this 7-months-and-some-change baby update via bullet points. Because they are my most favorite blogging time saver ever of all time ever. Ever.

So! Here’s what the Mighty Beef, Fat Man, Linky Lou, Moose, Moosey, the Moose Taco, or Whatever Other Random Nickname We Have Given That Chubby Baby can do now:

  • He is finally sitting up, so that’s good. Actually because this is kid #2 I am pretty murky on the milestones, so perhaps he’s supposed to be crawling? Or something? Whatever.


  • He is all over the place with sleep. Up 3 times one night, sleeping through the night the next, up twice the night after that, up every hour the night after that… Meh, small potatoes I guess. We just all soldier on and hopefully that mess is over soon. At least he naps during the day like a dream.
  • He is an enigma in that he is easily startled (sudden movements, semi-loud-ish noises, Pete, you name it: he’ll jump like he’s watching a horror movie), however: toss him high in the air or hold him upside-down and he squeals with happiness.


  • Eat. He eats in BEAST MODE. Shovel it in his mouth, give him big chunks to gnaw on, and he’s content. He eats whatever we’re having, given a rough chop or quick puree in the Magic Bullet. He eats bits of pasta now and loves to also gnaw on big hunks of veggies, fruit, and bread. With silver-dollar pancakes for dessert every night.
  • 7mo-003

    • He’s gotten loud and chatty when he has a small audience. In the car, just him and me, he’ll talk my ear off with his BAH-BAH-BAH-MA-MA-MA-DA-DAs. When daycare only had one other kid there last week: he babbled loudly to her nonstop. Have more than a few people in the room, and when Pete’s around? Barely a peep. Introvert to the EXTREME.


    • If you clap at him, he happily claps back at you. With his feet.
    • He’s happy, oh so HAPPYYYY. Smiles and flaps his arms and just is an all-around joy. He has hit that perfect spot of babyhood where he’s not mobile but still keeps himself occupied, and is happy as can be with just about any situation. So you better believe, we’re soaking up every bit of this stage.


    Alrighty folks, that’s all I’ve got this go around. Catcha next month.


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