Week in Review – 11 May 2014

Here. Here is a picture of ramps. They are RAMP-ant around here right now (har har harrrrrr) so we’ve been getting them at the market. This batch was made into ramp pesto for a pasta recipe, but we’ve also got them on tap for eggs later in the week and Scott has been digging into the pickled ones as well.


I was reading a list of “hipster-iest foods” and RAMPS WAS ON THERE. And Brussels Sprouts! And kale! Gawd, thanks a lot hipsters, for once again ruining everything for us normal folks. Now I feel like I can’t eat the stuff without feeling like some pretentious elitist beard-sporting a-hole.

Anyway, ramp-rant over. Monday I was home with baby, as our daycare was closed. We dropped Pete at preschool (without breathing a word about our Linus-Mommy date day, for fear of him feeling absolutely miserable about it), then headed off for some coffee, glorious coffee. And a pastry. Linus was not impressed and just looked around glumly and sighed, not happy before or after pastry. He was tolerable while being fed bits of pastry, though. Next time I’ll get a bigger pastry, because that big mug o’ coffee took me awhile to finish.


Then we went home and baked cookies. This is Linus’ first foray into the world of chocolate-chip cookies, while I am pretty sure Pete had already had them at least a few times by this age. For Linus though this was an extra-special event, as I absolutely CRAVED chocolate-chip cookies like mad while pregnant. I enjoyed a lot of ’em. Also I had to start biweekly nonstress tests pretty early during his pregnancy. He refused to hit the marks, so the tests would take FOR-EVER. They’d try all the tricks to get him moving – first ice water, then juice. Then fruit. Then have me walk around. Then other snacks. And if he was STILL not moving at that point, without fail, I would procure a chocolate chip cookie from my bag and YES MA’AM: perked right up. No lie, my nurse could not believe it (I mean, it only had to be done a few times, but boy it did the trick).

LONG STORY SHORT: he took right to them, because OF COURSE HE DID. He loves food but is usually just kinda moans pitifully when he wants something. If he spots those cookies, he straight-up howls. That’s my boy.



The rest of the week was a blur of work and other stuff, so the weekend was a welcome sight. Saturday I headed downtown to take some baby photos – I donated a ‘photo session’ at Pete’s school’s spring auction, and it was officially getting cashed in. A very sweet, personable couple who had just had their first baby last month. They were the same age Scott and I were when we had Pete, so it felt very comfortable and was so fun and rejuvenating for me. I felt…well? Better. I felt really really good as I left their house.


I haven’t decided what to do with my ‘photography business’; it was short-lived in Kansas due to the sudden move and I just haven’t had a good urge to jump back in. Moving allowed me to take a step back and really LOOK at everything, and the entire photography field is such a mess right now: everyone and their brother is a photographer these days and I just feel so soured to the whole idea of running a photography business. I don’t want to be a part of that entire movement that seems to be cannibalizing the field. You know? So there you go. I have to admit though, I have a teeny tiny voice in the back of my head that is talking about what if I just jumped back in part time… Time will tell, I guess.

This family lives in a darling little neighborhood that I have not had the opportunity to explore yet, so after the shoot I parked a few blocks away and walked around for about ten minutes. Not long I know, I really really had to hustle back home, but I just wanted to do a quick walk to check things out. There are so many areas of this town I don’t know at all, we need to do more exploring this summer for sure.


After I got home we worked on some things and the boys ran errands. After they got home, we ran up to the park near our house. It was in the 70s all weekend, guys, sunny most of the time too. We weren’t passing that kind of weather up. It did end up clouding over about half an hour in, and then the sprinkles started, so we headed back home. Still, running amok in the fresh air sure felt good.



Sunday, wonderful Sunday. IT’S MOTHER’S DAY, Y’ALL! Pete was super duper excited to give me the present he made at school. Even wrapped it up (in Christmas wrapping paper, no less). The card had a little boy with laser eyes, because: why not, yeah? He also made me a separate card the evening before, including a wobbly traced “Happy Mother’s Day” and a drawing of a coffee cup on the front. And a heart on the back. And a drawing of me and Pete holding hands on the inside (“Also”, he matter-of-factly pointed out, “there are two Angry Birds underneath us”, then went on in great detail to describe their epic personal battle to me).


Why am I wearing red pants, my son? I totally cannot pull off red pants.

My Pete present was a laminated flower thing that had a poem at the bottom about… the importance of education. Not motherly love. But whatever, it was still cute. The gift I got from both boys was a new coffee maker. A Chemex, be still my coffee-snob heart. We put it right to work and it makes DEEEEEELISH coffee; please ignore the folded laundry taking up the background in the final photo in the group below (Mother’s Day can’t be all glamour, my friends), but instead focus on that somewhere-between-drip-and-a-French-press gem. And I am already looking forward to the coffee it will make next weekend for me.

Of course, now I will probably see a Chemex on some “Top 15 Hipster Appliances” on freaking BuzzFeed, making me want to throw it out the damn window.


The guys treated me to brunch. I eschewed the classic Mother’s Day brunch options and instead requested Vintage Brewing (which won out at the last moment over Brasserie V for a late lunch or Weary Traveler). Brunch sounds lovely and all, but all I really wanted was some pulled pork nachos for Mother’s Day. That I totally ate like a COMPLETE LADY, obviously.

I requested that Scott get a photo of me with my babies. It was a comedy of errors, but there might be one semi-usable one out of the bunch. THIS is going to be my boys about 20 years from now, mark my words.



Oh! And P-freaking-S: they seated us by the fireplace. It had a roaring fire going. You know, in mid-May. It was 75 and humid out. SERIOUSLY YOU PEOPLE. I had a cute jacket on but that got tossed aside pretty much the second we sat down, as I got the seat of honor (aka right in front of the searingly hot fire). It was quite the memorable meal, you guys. Thank goodness for their magical beers, they really got me through it. Also the nachos, GLORIOUS NACHOS.


We got home and screwed around, Scott grilled off some chicken so he could make my favorite chopped salad for our dinner. (Don’t say I never gave you anything. Here, make it. Make that salad, pronto. PRONTO. Best stuff evarrrr. Also do not judge me on my past photography attempts, we all have to cut our teeth somewhere AMIRIGHT).

We were going to head to a park to picnic with that salad and some tart, but then some wicked rain clouds blew in, and that was that. Oh, well. Pete pretty much lost it around this time and slowly evolved from fun-loving chum to WILD UNCONTROLLABLE MONSTER, no really he was running around like a mad man and got our neighbor’s little kids all riled up (by doing a dance and hanging OFF OF HIS BEDROOM BALCONY and then they wanted to do the same at their house, I am sure our neighbors love us now) and then he screamed at us about taking a bath AND THEN sobbed his eyes out for awhile because he had ‘ruined Mother’s Day’. It took some time to get him calmed down and to bed tonight, I won’t lie. We hid the tart in the back of the fridge and will have to bust that out on a better evening…


In other news! Linus up and decided out of the blue that sitting up is possibly something he’d like to do. Could not do it Friday, and now rocks it out like a boss.


Until the evil gear machine throws him off his game.

The rest of the evening was spent finishing up household boring stuff, watching The Avengers (we have not watched this since Pete was freshly 3-years-old, and holy crap it was like a Whole New Movie), and feeding the kids/getting them off to bed.

Linus loves the Luella Dishcloth, as seen below. Scott’s grandmother Luella, she was a great woman. She died the same year Scott and I tied the knot, unfortunately before she could see us finally get married. Anyway, she always gave us handmade kitchen dishcloths, those things worked like magic. We went through all of them she gave to us, but I didn’t have the heart to tear through that last one we had. Instead I squirreled it away for future uses, and decided our babies were the best way to use it. Pete had a hell of a time with teething, so we would wet it and freeze it and he LOVED to suck/chew on that thing. It has lived in our towel drawer ever since and now Linus now gets it after meals. I get it soaking wet and he chews away happily as if it is a post-meal palate cleanser, plus it helps to clean up that messy face of his before we give him the official wipe down. I love that dishcloth, I am not sure what we’ll do when there are no more babies to put it to good use.

Uh, and also check out that fruit tart below – Kris sent it to me as a Mother’s Day gift. I had to take pictures of it because it was almost too pretty to eat! Almost. Even though we decided to set it aside for another day (thanks to Pete’s meltdown), Scott and I did sneak a few small wedges tonight to sample. DEEEEEEEELISH. I am spoiled, I tell you!


That’s all, folks. I know there are those that scoff at Mother’s Day as an overly commercialized holiday (uh, what one isn’t these days?) or those that complain that it gives off the wrong impression. I tried to see their side, I really did (I am a very scientific, rational thinker after all), but in the end: I think those people are looking at things completely the wrong way. I loved it before I was a mom and I was just honoring my beautiful mommy, I loved it when I got to add Kris (my amazing mother in law), and when I got to see all of my sisters and friends start to celebrate that day. I love how some use that day to memorize mothers they or others have lost, and I love this day now for myself as well.

Motherhood is some rough stuff, no lie. But. I love my goofy, sweet, endearing 4 year old. I love that I am still his closest confidant and best friend in the entire world. And I love that happy, darling, chubby baby of mine. I always give him a bottle for naps/bedtime on our bed and then move him to the crib after he starts to drift off. And every time, my most favorite thing is how, as he sighs and slips off to sleep, he curls up tightly against me, tucking his head under my chin.

I love being their mommy, just like all of my friends and family and every mom loves their children. And Mother’s Day is just a nice little day to celebrate those ladies in our life.


Happy Mother’s Day.


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  1. Getting caught up on some blog reading. If you take a few detailed pictures of that dish cloth, I bet I could replicate it for you. Miss you, girl!

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