Week in Review – 4 May 2014



Hey guess what! We hit up our first market of the spring! It was a rainy, chilly week (highs in the 40s/50 and rain? All week? KILL ME) so when Saturday emerged in all its low 60s, sunny glory, we were ALL OVER THAT FARMERS MARKET THING. Shockingly: so was every other wahoo in the city, but whatever crowds don’t bother me. So off we went, and go figure I forgot my camera on the kitchen counter in the rush to get all the little people cleaned up and dressed and slap on some makeup and pack a diaper bag etc. etc. etc. etc. Yay. I was a little pouty but then made do with my horrible phone camera. Enjoy. Or: forgive, in actuality. Quality is gross. It is what it is.

First Capitol Square market of the year tradition: get a photo of This Dude.


We walked, we bought, we conquered. Pete and I made it through with only picking up potato doughnuts and a smoothie, which was some sort of miracle. We passed our favorite empanada dude and decided, after doing the Square, to go back and get some empanadas. But on the walk there we were swayed by The Old Fashioned’s weekend breakfast menu instead, so stopped in there. Linus started with a potato doughnut, then helped me with my breakfast.


I totally forgot Craft Beer Week had started (yay, kids eat brain cells), until Scott pointed out that they were releasing a few Dave’s Brewfarm goodies at The Old Fashioned that day. We stopped there on our way to Minneapolis last year and I have been dreaming of trying his beer ever since, so how could we turn that up? We had our breakfast (coffee, sweet COFFEE, plus Wisco Benedict for Scott, Quarter Apple Fritter + Cream for Pete, and Corned Beef Hash for me and Linus), so so good. They gave me Brandy-Old-Fashioned jam for my toast, now THAT was a revelation. After breakfast, we moved to the bar and ordered a Black Sour and a Saison. Both just lovely, just as I was hoping.

Also my older son is a spaz (see blurry ass image below).


In that photo above, I was going to take one of our beers, and then the bartender jumped up from below the bar all HELL YEAH KOOL-AID MAN! epic photo bomb style, and I kinda jumped (and then got a bad case of the giggles), so I’m sorry: really wobbly image. Plus I didn’t even get him in the shot, which speaks volumes for my cell-phone-photo-taking skills.

Then we went home and relaxed. Pete’s version of relaxing involved drawing 3 dozen more Angry Birds Go characters to paste to his already-brimming bedroom door. Oh, I didn’t tell you yet of his newest obsession? Yes. He picked up a healthy obsession with the game on our long drive home from Kansas, and has not looked back. Personally I find the Angry Birds to be on the same level of Barney the Purple Dinosaur as far as ANNOYING, but at this point I’m going to have to just deal and try to weather through it I guess.


In other news: Moose has started to outgrow some of my favorite leggings of his, WORLDS OF SADNESS. I am trying not to just DIE over the whole thing. Also Pete decided he did not want to do grocery shopping with his dad on Saturday and threw a sad-boy fit about it (different than normal fits in that he plays up the Sadness and Disillusionment rather than tantrum-throwing or screaming. Which in a way is much more trying). Spoiler alert: he did the grocery shopping with his dad, got a toy from the quarter machine, and overall had a lovely time. Faker.


The guys got home from grocery shopping and did I mention it was BEAUTIFUL this weekend? Because it was. So Pete and I ran amok in the yard playing lasers/robots/something-I-didn’t-quite-understand, in great dramatic glory. I am not sure how he never figured out that I had no idea what we were doing, but hey whatever it worked.




So on to Sunday. The baby wore pants. No really, like real actual pants, not the baby leggings and leg warmers and rompers he usually wears. Needless to say the pants only made it until about noon, but still. Real. Pants. Party.


When Moose went down for his first nap, Pete and I snuck away for our usual Sunday Date Day. We were going to head out to do our Normal Thing when he insisted on a stop at the park near our house, so he could show me a new trick he had learned. He ran up the play structure and then started down the poles. But I could tell, once he pounced on the poles, that something was wrong. His body kinda flew up, his face was all “OH SHIZZ MAN”, and then he grabbed the poles and his legs swung around like a pendulum a few times. It was very US-Olympics-Parallel-Bars-esque, except I was 99% sure something had completely gone awry. Do note that I continued to take photos with my camera anyway.


Eventually he was able to control his body and hopped off all professional-like. Then walked up to me, and very somberly informed me that something went catastrophically wrong during his execution. You don’t say, my son. Good recover, though. He went back to play and was very careful to stay the hell away from those poles the rest of our time at the park.


Usually we hit up Target for a coffee/snack and then some quality bonding and shopping time, but this time instead we headed to Savers. If you do not have a Savers in the area, do know that it is a thrift store, but like a really nice thrift store, where the store and the goods do not smell funny, and everything is in really good shape. It is also more expensive, but if you sign up for a Savers Card you get regular coupons and discounts, making it much not much different than your average Goodwill or whatever price-wise.

Pete loves trips to Savers, because I am more lenient on my toy rule. He can usually pick one from the wall o’ bagged toys, plus sometimes one off the toy shelf as well. This time he found a Transformer bag. I also got some swimwear for the guys, almost bought Linus a romper (oooooh but I am not sure if 6-12 month will fit), and a stuffed brontosaurus that Pete decided to name Burger King*.

*I swear we have not been to a Burger King in over three years, but he is fascinated by the place for some reason.


Since we were already at the mall at that point, we also cruised the Gap, stopped at H&M (where Pete talked me into an Angry Birds shirt), and Annie’s Pretzels. And then the fecal forts, because: duh, cannot go the mall without fecal-forting it up.

I wish those cat dresses came in my size. Just saying.


After our shopping and play excursion, we headed back to the house. We were greeted by the most amazing smell in the world – while away, Scott made homemade corn relish AND this mushroom-infused marinara sauce, like enough to freeze a ton. Plus a pasta/marinara lunch, and baby food. And was in the midst of cleaning the bathrooms when we arrived home. GAWD OVERACHIEVER MAKING ME LOOK BAD. Why do dudes do that??

So the boys played with Burger King the rest of the evening, and then we got ready for bed. The end.




That’s it, guys! All done. Tomorrow daycare is closed, so Linus and I will have our first ever Mommy-Moose Date Day. Pray for me and stuff. And have a good week! We shall see you next on Mother’s Day 🙂



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  1. Savers you say? Will have to check out. Love that dinosaur and that sepia (B&W?) pic of your gorgeous firstborn.

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