Linus – 6 Months


Yes, I am really really late on this. Again. Buuuuuut I wanted to take the photos when we were back in Kansas, and also I have been insane busy since then, so. Yeah. Late again, sorry my sweet little baby.

Also I screwed up my white balance for a good chunk of these, so just decided SCREW IT and rock out the 70s-film vintage red thing. Deal.


So! Six months old! If your mom was Alicia Silverstone, we’d start taking you out to the yard for potty-training about now.


May go slightly off topic for a moment? Here is the funny thing about the second kid. You have your first, and that child runs you through the WRINGER. I mean, life is lovely and babies are just DELICIOUS SQUEEZABLE BABEEEEEEEZ! But for real, every time you get a handle on How To Handle This Baby Stage, it changes. And you are re-learning everything all over again.

So then you have another. And you are well aware that this second kid is going to be His/Her Own Self, and will not be a carbon copy of Child 1, and you buck up and re-read all the parenting things while pregnant and you prepare to start from scratch, you really truly do. Except: in the back of your head, you kinda think “seriously though, how different can that slobbery pooping little dolly really be…”.


Answer: very. Darn. DIFFERENT. This kid, let me tell you. Linus is just so… girthy. Fat rolls galore, and cheeks for days. He’s prone to ear infections, while Pete never had them as a baby. Linus has warm brown eyes, while Pete’s stayed an icy blue. He’s definitely moving along mentally – he’s responded to his name for awhile now, and he holds up his hands for us to pick him up; hell, we even taught him how to ‘high five!’**UPDATE BELOW** and he dutifully puts up a shaky palm when we tell him to HIGH FIVE LINUS, HIGH FIVE. Pete was not there at 5-6 months, I know that. However, Linus is not much for knocking out the physical milestones (Sitting up? All-fours? Meh, maybe in a few months…). Due to his lack of sitting ability, Pete popped in to give him a hand for a few photos. Gotta love big brothers.

**UPDATE**: Okay, I just tried this again with him today, after dinner, because it had been a few days. And he just kinda looked at me while I screeched LINUS HIGH FIVE! HIGH FIVE! HIIIIIIIIIIGH FIIIIIIIIIVE! in his face. Then he started crying. So you might not count that whole “High Five” thing.


(As an aside: the best story ever comes from a few weeks ago, when Linus was propped in a chair with Pete, and after awhile Pete just kinda jumped up to leave without thinking about it. Which caused Moose to fall over, so that his face smashed into the wooden arm of the chair… Poor Pete sat on the stairs and cried for his bruised brother, later telling me miserably that “all I could think about was, I could have saved him! I COULD HAVE SAVED HIM!”)

He’s much more introverted than Pete, which is a relief: these two introverted parents could not handle yet another chatty, extroverted social butterfly. He has hardly any hair, poor bald baby. And still no teeth, Pete definitely had his first teeth by this age. Hasn’t stopped Linus from snarfing down everything in sight though, that’s for sure. This boy is an Eater and he does so with gusto, which is rather entertaining (he insists on moaning MMMMMMMMMMM! with each and every bite, and if he has to gum his food in any way it comes out as more of a OOM-NMM-NMM-NMM-NMM! sound).


Personality wise: he is just the happiest thing. So much as look in his direction, and you’ll be met with flapping limbs and squealing and a smile that pretty much takes over his entire head. Such a change from a the serious baby of a few months back. And while I adored that serious little personality to death, I have to admit the happy baby is just as enjoyable.

Sleep is crap again. I am curious to see what I’m saying at 7 months, this kid just seems to flip-flop back and forth from good sleeping to bad, depending on the direction of the wind. He was doing well, and then he got a bad cold, then an ear infection, and then we were traveling, where he picked up yet another darn cold… He’s up 2-3 times a night, but the really infuriating thing is that he TAKES A FULL BOTTLE EVERY TIME HE WAKES UP. So maybe it’s a growth spurt? Who the hell knows. I am just ready to get some damned sleep again, and hopefully that is soon.


So anyway. That’s Six Months of Moose, in a nutshell. Happy Half Birthday, big guy. Never change. (I mean, except you can start sleeping at night. You have permission to change that.)




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  1. That face. And “girthy”! Beautiful photos once again.

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