Week in Review – 27 April 2014


My sister sent me that night shirt, and it is the best night shirt like EVARRRRR. I loves it to bits.

This week there wasn’t a ton to report. Work has been nuts. Linus had a dr. appt. (giant fat 20 lb baby alert, you guys). I met up with coworkers for a dance class on evening – it was called “Sass Fitness”. It ended up being a burlesque/Broadway Jazz/hip hop fusion thing, several routines set to music.

Oh, yes, my friends. Do envision that.

There was lots of kick-ball-changing and shimmying and twerking. Including a routine to Pour Some Sugar On Me, OH YES YOU GUYS. I was, as expected, pretty awful. I have never had a dance class in my life, and it showed. I whapped the poor gal behind me in the face while executing one of my moves and I think I pulled something in my back from all of the rump-shaking going on. However, in the end it was a room full of normal-looking folks in regular-old yoga pants and tanks, and the instructor is super nice and really good, so I guess I will give it a few more pathetic tries before giving up entirely.

Just no one stand behind me, there’s your warning.

SOOOOO YEAH. This weekend we were going to dedicate to Getting Back To It. ‘It’ being a normal life, so we were like YESSSS LET’S GO TO THE MARKET and WE SHOULD TRY TO HIT UP SOME YARD SALES and IT’S NICE ON SATURDAY WE SHOULD GO TO THE PARK. Except, we did none of it. We had a crappy week full of non-sleeping children and we needed a break, so we slept in (until 8:30a on Saturday! And Scott let me sleep until 9am today!). And drank lots of coffee. And just kinda caught up on our reading and stuff. Screw being ACTIVE, you guys. This week, at least.

Also we ran out of coffee mugs (we only keep a half dozen out in an effort to save space). All but one were in the dishwasher, so my chivalrous husband left me the one clean mug and drank his out of a Pyrex measuring cup. Why he didn’t just do a quick wash of one in the dishwasher is a mystery, but whatever – CHIVALROUS.


In other news: Linus is a’movin’ on up in the eating world. Started some big-person solids this week. Mostly just bananas, avocado sticks, some sweet potatoes, and broccoli. Oh, and he devoured a bagel this morning. He took to it immediately. This kid likes his food. I will say though, he is a way messier eater than Peter ever was. We are at the baths-after-every-meal stage for sure.



Also: completely and thoroughly in Happy Baby Stage. Doesn’t take much to get this kid squealing, and he loves pretty much EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Even Peter.




Pete, meanwhile, has been laying low most of the weekend. He got the head cold Linus has been rocking for the past several weeks, so he’s been knocked out. Even taking naps at preschool, which he stopped doing long ago. This weekend he ran some errands with Dad and went out with me to get some new pants (holy crap, he’s blown out the knees in 5 pairs in the past few weeks, so there was no putting that off). Otherwise, his favorite spot has been in our bed, lounging and ‘reading’ and playing and catching up on Transformer episodes.



Yeah that kinda covers things. I’m signing off, so I can paint my toes, get ready for tomorrow, and just have a few minutes to rest before the madness of the week ahead hits. Have a great next week, all! Hopefully it’s full of lovely spring weather (rain every day for us for the next week, YAYAYAYAYAY).



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