We are still all so exhausted after the long road trip, no one has been sleeping well (Linus is sick yet again, and Pete has been getting up with nightmares a lot this week for some reason, so some nights I got one back to sleep and the other woke up immediately after. Rinse and repeat. Over and over and OVER OMG I WANT TO RUN AWAY FROM HOME YOU GUYS). Ahem, anyway. We are all so tired that we skipped all plans to hit up the Farmer’s Market and to drive around to rummage sales today. Instead, we have spent the morning lazing about; catching up on our reading material and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

And I, of course, hopped on the computer and am going through all the gazillion photos I took last week.

This morning I tackled some photos I took of my new little niece, Miss Josie! Sweet and darling and at the stage where she loves to coo and respond and smile and just basically start to act like a real actual human being. I didn’t do anything formal but did get enough shots of her one morning that I thought I might as well get a blog post together for her mama. So without further ado: enjoy the new little wee girl in all her glory.


I am such a sucker for wee baby spit bubbles. Also for all her gorgeous hair. And her stunning baby blues. And did I mention what a little doll she is? Because yes. She’s all the things, you guys.






Okay off to take a shower, run out to the salon so I can look more human, and rejoin the land of the Living.


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