Week in Review – 20 April 2014

Mueller Spring Breakers!

Last week Friday (as in: 9 days ago), we tossed suitcases in the car the moment we got off work, buckled in the boys, and hit the road. Pete’s school was closed for Spring Break, so we were road trippin’. Where did we go? Well, nowhere exotic; we visited family and friends, which meant a Great Tour of the Country’s Mid-Section. Iowa, Kansas City, Larryville, then all over the great state of Kansas and back again. It was a whirlwind trip that included lots of good eats, gorgeous open skies, hundreds of miles, 2 big bags of Twizzlers, a whole lotta potty breaks (some at rather questionable facilities…), rain-soaked window shopping, a busted toe, 4 hotel stays, killer BBQ, a personal tour of a firehouse, one wickedly stormy evening, tons of quality time with loved ones, and lots and lots and LOTS of fun.

The boys were troopers through the insane amount of driving, although Linus had a few meltdowns – hours upon hours in a sun-soaked car is hard on a baby, poor darling. We left with 2 back-seat passengers, but came back with 3 if you count that Blue Power Ranger we acquired along the way. Oh! And we finally made it to Zombie Burger, which we’ve been trying to do for ages when we blew through Des Moines. This place gets the thumbs up.

All in all: a successful road trip. I plan to blog more later (maybe broken into ‘regions’), but am doing a Big Ole’ Recap below to tide you over until I can sort through all the photos I took along the way.

















And then we made it home, just in time to get ready for Easter festivities. Well – egg decorating, anyway. Stopped at the grocery store on the way home to buy eggs and some supplies to cobble together an Easter meal (dude: not a ham to be found, for real). Then home to simultaneously boil eggs, prep dye dips, unpack the car, and jump on that monsterous pile of laundry. WEEEEEE.


Scott and I swore we’d be in bed early, yet instead we stayed up waaaaaaay too late watching movies and prepping for the Easter Bunny. But darn it – it felt good to relax in our own living room after 8 days away, you know? So the morning came much too early in my opinion, but I guess that’s my own fault there. At least the boys had a good day and the coffee was freely flowing.




And that’s about all I can muster right now. Have a great week, peeps! More to come later! Happy Easter, all!


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