Week in Review 6 April 2014


I was going to just post a photo and do the weekly recap later, but hell as long as I’m on the computer doing that much I might as well share a few more and call it a day. Or week. Whatever, you get what I’m saying.

This week Linus was sick, all week. A bad cold plus vomiting every night, multiple times. Quite charming. Then Saturday morning Pete started getting sick, then it hit me, that nasty stomach bug. I still feel urpy and gross and the baby has been screaming (literally, nonstop screaming) for the past hour because he, poor thing, is also D.O.N.E. with whatever respiratory thing it is that still continues to plague him.


Not a good weekend for photos and fun things. Pete had Kindergarten Roundup, that’s about the nicest thing to note. I’ll leave you with some photos of the boys from earlier today, when both were feeling a bit less deathly-ill than they do now.



Off to help the husband tame that poor shrieking baby. Day 8 of respiratory crap is no fun, my friends. Hopefully that and the stomach bug we have now all shared vacates the premises for good.


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