Week in Review – 30 March 2014

Boys boys boys boys. Bonding over my phone. Because: of course.



Oy, this week. It flew by and I’m still reeling from a very busy non-busy weekend (explain that one to me, guys, please). But let me try to fill in the blanks.

Friday we were going to go to our church’s Fish Fry, but at the last minute decided that we wanted pizza instead, so hit up Sal’s and got the salt cod pie (with salt cod and leeks, broccoli rabe, calabrese chilies, garlic, grape tomatoes…). No regrets. We’ll hit up that fish fry another weekend.


Saturday we had Mika’s birthday party. The kiddos loved it. The jump-off-the-platform thingie was a hit, those kids got some air. Pete needs to work on sticking his landing though.




After the party we headed home, where we threw ourselves into deep cleaning the house (it’s that time of year, my friends). I was about halfway through scrubbing down the car interior when Scott yelled from in the house that it was almost time for my hair appointment. God bless that man, I had completely forgot. So I flew down to the salon with a bunch of cleaning products still sitting on the floorboards, and asked that gal to take 4 inches off the length. Time for a fresh style to go with the spring, am I right? My head feels a million times lighter.

Also I almost took a photo on my phone, but thought my stylist might find me to be a weirdo, so I chickened out. There was a crap-ton of hair on the floor though, it was almost impressive considering I only took off 4 inches.

So yeah! I got back home, grabbed that sweet baby, and we cuddled and played while Pete and Scott ran errands and finished grocery shopping. Linus was a little snotty at the birthday party earlier, but was a total MESS by that point. I will spare you the details, but it’s safe to say he has a pretty nasty cold. And is teething, I swear, because he’s chewing like crazy on everything (Scott will probably find this announcement amusing, as I have declared that ‘LINUS IS NOW TEETHING’ pretty much every other day. For the past 3 months). Anyhoo, the cold washcloth was his friend yesterday. SO THERE.



That night we got the kiddos to bed and watched (nervously) while the Badgers secured a spot in the Final Four. Holy crap, I still cannot believe that actually happened. We were amazed and excited and oh man, it’s a bummer it wasn’t our Jayhawks but it certainly endeared that scrapper of a Badger team to us, that’s for sure. I assumed Madison would pretty much burn to the ground, but the fans did good and kept it mellow and fun downtown. Kinda bummed we didn’t bundle up the boys and take them down there to see. Meanwhile, Arizona had to get the riot police out. Heh.

SO ANYWAY. Sunday we all slept in. I have to give it to that baby – as sick as he was all night, he only got up twice, and really the 2nd time was more because I heard so much struggled breathing that I got up myself and suctioned him and sat up with him for a little bit until he seemed better. Poor little love. So anyway, we all slept until 8:30 am and it was all kinds of amazing and to commemorate such a lovely Sunday, I made apple pancakes. With extra apple, loads of added lemon zest and cinnamon, and a healthy glug of vanilla. Aces.

To note: my little creamer pitcher makes a lovely maple syrup vessel, regardless of the chip in the spout.


Then we just kinda chilled and waited for it to warm up enough for Pete to go run around like a crazy person outside. Which was by afternoon – almost made it to 60 degrees today! Lovely.



That apple pancake recipe above made a million pancakes, which was awesome – today was all about making baby food. Linus is getting past the point of purees and is moving on to bigger things. So while Scott finished The Great Car Cleaning of 2014 (no really, it took him hours, thanks a lot DIRTLY LITTLE CHILDREN), I spent hours in the kitchen roasting veggies, steaming other veggies, cooking quinoa, mashing bananas, etc. I made the pancakes, plus sweet potato-quinoa patties, broccoli-and-cauliflower cheddar bites, banana oatmeal ‘mini muffins’, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower for munching. I also made extra for my own lunches; time to buckle down and eat healthy and work out more to get this body into shape for pool season, man.

Linus sampled several items and looooooved them, in fact I was fishing giant chunks of broccoli out of his mouth when he bit off way more than he could chew (…well, gum), so I think all recipes are winners. I froze half of his stuff and tossed the other half in the fridge for us and daycare to use.


After lunch, daddy popped back in for some Moose lovin’. Poor little sick Moose man. He’s kind of a daddy’s boy, this one, I love how he nuzzles into Scottie’s beard.



Pete, meanwhile, enjoyed the weather. Running amok, ‘cleaning the mud’ in the front yard (LOOK I MADE IT SPARKLE NOW, MOM! Great, lemme just toss that brush in the garbage now…), checking out the car cats that we added with the cleaning. At least Pete enjoyed the weather.



While we were at it, we bumped the Moose man up to a ‘big boy’ car seat. He was killing my back, dragging him around in that newborn bucket seat, no matter how much core work I did at the gym. He did a hand-flappy dance in the seat to commemorate the occasion. While the rest of us were near the car and completely ignoring him on the front stoop. Poor ignored second child.


Rock it out, boy.

We’ll see you next week! Have a good (rainy, cold, BLECH) week everyone!


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