Week in Review – 23 March 2014

I honestly and truly have nothing of note to say this week. For real.


Arrrrrgh. Okay fine, here are a few things.

  • The baby continues to subsist on sweet potatoes, avocados, and bananas. That is kinda sad and lame, right? So this week we added baby Cheetos (but organic ones, that are ‘kale and broccoli flavored’, which translates to ‘tastes like mold flavored’ to be honest, poor child) and Plum Stage 2 packets, which actually come in some interesting flavors like “roasted pumpkin and coconut rice with apricots” or “cherry, sweet corn, and rice”.  Now if only they smell (and I imagine, taste) half as good as they sound… Sigh.
  • He still loves those bananas.  Shockingly.


  • Scott made Toad in the Hole, like one of my faaaaavorite breakfast dishes. Here is a photo. Do know that about 30 seconds after I took that photo, he grabbed the pan by the handle so he could cut into it. Keep in mind the pan had just spent 30 minutes in the oven at 400F. Yeah. Needless to say he got a wicked burn out of the deal and sadly: not the first time he’s done this, so we knew exactly what to do. After soaking and liberal applications of straight aloe vera all day, it appears he’ll make it scar-free. I assume it was painful though – he did the grocery shopping that day, and admitted he walked around the store holding a frozen can of orange juice in order to make it.


  • Pete finally fits his bacon shirt we bought him like two years ago. Well, ‘fits’; the shirt actually comes just short of his knees. At size 5T, too – this kid is kind of small for his age at this point, I get the feeling. Which is just awesome, considering all the 5T clothes I bought for him to wear this summer. Oh well, can’t complain about getting more use out of last summer’s things.


  • Here are some fat Linus photos, in case you were starting to miss him.


  • Back to Pete. We cheered on the Hawks, as usual for the tourney. Pete was really into it this year. They won on Friday, but lost today. Womp, womp. Oh well; you win some, you lose some, and we were pretty darn uneven this year. Or as Pete states it, “the Jayhawks have been really silly, mom”. Yes, that.


  • Frozen! We watched it! The boy is hooked, which: duh. Every kid on the planet is addicted to that movie, we were just a little late to the game. I do like the whole premise, though. Sisters over boyfriends, forever and ever.


  • So anyway. After all the basketball-ing and movie watching and playing and stuff, it was a bath and then to bed. Pete is rather fond of bathing with his brother, which: hell why not, conserve water and it’s more efficient to boot. Linus might not be as fond of joint bath-time as Pete is, though.


That’s it, kids. I know, I told you – not anything really to note. It was darn cold this weekend though, so we stayed close to home. Next weekend is in the 50s, so we are ready to PARRRRR-TAY!



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