Week in Review – 9 March 2014


I cannot even begin to tell you about all of the GERMS and PESTILENCE up in this joint, that have joined us in the last several weeks. Most of it has been with Peter, assorted colds and strep and then this nasty virus thing that took root in his NECK and the lymph nodes got all swollen for WEEKS and yeah, that was fun. Then last weekend he developed a nasty cough, so we stayed home on Monday and drank copious amounts of tea.


Now: while Pete has been sick plenty, the rest of us have avoided all of that mess, aside from a cold for each of us maybe once. But then. THEN. After having Pete home several days for the past month, AND on Monday, I was greeted on Friday (a deadline-heavy day, I should add, in a very deadline-heavy week) with a phone call telling me he was, oh yes, sick yet again, please come pick him up.


So I get to school, only to find him on a couch in the resource room, moaning and clutching his ear. I was on the phone to the pediatrician’s office on the walk back to the car, and got him an appointment right away with his pediatrician (SCORE). Sure enough: he has a nasty ear infection; she sent us off with a prescription and the recommendation to take it easy and apply heat.

And with that, Pete broke the streak. That is the first ear infection for him in his life. And you know what? I salute you, parents who deal with those things on the regular. Because he has been a whiny, mopey, sad little mess ever since. His evenings are spent with his teeth set and sobbing while holding the side of his head. Fun. Fun times. Not even Sonic makes up for that level of The Sads, folks.


SO ANYWAY. By the late afternoon, I realized that I was sick with some gross nasty thing myself – fever, chills, joint aches, and chest congestion. FUN. And oh, but Scott felt under the weather as well, when I checked on him in the office. AND THEN, Linus came home from daycare with snot galore and a steady cough. OH GOODY THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEKEND FULL OF FUN ISN’T IT.

The irony, of course, is that the youngest of us is the least affected. Much like his iron stomach, that can take any food with gusto without so much as a grumble, his nasty cold has not made him miss a step. His cough is deep and croupy but he just kinda makes a WOOOO noise after coughing fits (much like one would make after downing a shot of something particularly cheap) and moves on with life. So we put up his favorite toy, taped a ‘5’ on it in honor of his 5-month milestone, and he jumped happily for a good hour, illness be damned.



Man, I wish you could see those cheeks a-flapping when he gets especially exuberant.


The problem with having a normal-ish child while everyone else at the house is slowly fading is that you still have to keep him entertained. I dragged him off to our bed and half-heartedly tossed toys in his direction to distract him, which got us through the rest of the day.


I adore how his face just kinda… spreads… at the bottom when he grins at me.

So anyway, there you go. My weekend has been spent suctioning snotty noses, wiping other noses, refilling cups of Gatorade, re-heating heating pads, administering meds, fetching extra blankets, etc. etc. All while trying not to fall over and die myself. Pretty glamorous stuff. To say the least, the house has been ignored. It’s a pig sty. But we’ve kept up with the dishes and by some miracle, the laundry too, so there’s that.

And I even made waffles on Sunday morning, so that’s a plus. Unfortunately Pete decided to experiment by sticking his thumb to the hot metal, so that was the not-so-fun side of making waffles. Out comes the Peas of Sadness, for the hundredth time. Probably time to buy a new bag, this one’s looking kinda worse for the wear.



Yeah that about sums things up. In other, non-diseased news this week: Ash Wednesday, baby. I wanted to get an ashes selfie with Pete but he wiped his off before he got home from preschool, darn it. Ruined everything. Scott gave up alcohol for Lent. I gave up all sweets, and Pete gave up dessert. So far, so good. You know, 4 whole days in.

Linus is trying to suffocate himself regularly. I kid. Kinda. See that photo? You can’t see the other side of him, where he his holding the blanket flush against his face with his hand. This is the only way he can sleep, smooshing a blanket into his face, which I am pretty sure is the same dilemma my friend Jules had with her son when he was a baby. This whole suffocation thing does not do much for me, I am constantly checking him overnight to make sure he’s still alive (spoiler: he hasn’t died yet). KIDS, GAWD.


Anyway. That’s it, for real this time. I’m signing off so I can finish laundry and get ready for the day tomorrow (fingers crossed the kids are well enough to go to their respective spots). Also I need to put on pants at some point and run some errands, maybe a few hours of not breathing germ vapors will be good for me.

Have a good week, all. Be well!, as the Walgreens people say (how do you respond to that, by the way? Does it seem like a kinda awkward way to send off a shopper, no matter how well meaning, or is that just me?).

Anyway sorry for getting off track yet again. Bye. BE WELL.




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  1. Such great captures of a non-great time. The Peas of Sadness. Hope you get better very, very soon. There’s fresh air to be had today!

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