Week in Review 23 February 2014


Well, this happened this week…

On Tuesday (? Or maybe Monday…) my office had an ‘early close’ day due to the weather. For the record: this is a rarity, but we were due to get snow, then sleet, then freezing rain, then more snow, and the last bit to come during evening rush hour, sooo…. Yeah. The funny thing is that Pete’s preschool did not close early, but you better believe I picked him up anyway and we headed home and made our usual “snow day cookies”.


Except: if you can’t tell by the photo, the dough was, well: weird. Gritty in texture. They totally melted into a 1/16th-inch flat sheet during baking, too. I blame it all on the crappy organic flour we bought on the fly because there wasn’t time to stop at Whole Foods. That flour has, thus far, ruined the following: cinnamon rolls, pizza dough, gravy, gave us some slightly-wonky cornbread, and now killed our snow day cookies. I’m such a Midwestern girl in that I cannot force myself to throw it away, like there just has to be SOMETHING it works in, but darn it: time to admit that the stuff sucks. I guess I just have to be wasteful for once.

Also I got some video that perfectly displays how the boys interact. Pete wants Linus to be his buddy with everything. Linus just thinks Pete is crazy. Watch Linus, seriously.

Helloooo, Oscar.

We had a decent week; Pete ended up sick YET AGAIN (this time with gnarly swollen glands on the right side of his neck, which are still swollen so bad that he can’t move his neck, FUN TIMES) so he was home with Scott Thursday and Friday. And here is where my husband and I differ. While home with a sick child, Scott kept the house up, watched our sick child, took him to the Lego Movie when he was feeling better Friday afternoon, did all the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms, cooked several freezer batches of beans from scratch/dried beans, and [did some other responsible adult-ish type thing I can’t remember right now but was impressed with when I got home from work]. Had this been me, I would have: posted something on Facebook and caught up on my celebrity gossip news, BOTH while caring for a sick child.


SO ANYWAY FORGET ABOUT ALL THAT. We also broke out the Johnny Jumper thing for Linus, SUPER EXCITING. He’s still a little jerky and doesn’t exactly jump in it, but he loves it all the same. And yes indeed, he is tethered to the downstairs half-bath doorway. The only other option was the basement stairwell, so: I’d say I get points for responsible parenting here.


Other than that: Saturday was spent playing. Lot of playing. In the Pack-n-Play in our bedroom, and also on our bed (because: why not, let’s just allow the children to take over every last square inch of personal adult space). They are lucky their mother finds them to be cute, is all I’m saying.





Saturday night, after the boys went to bed, Scott and I got all kinds of crazy. In the kitchen, that is. Scott prepped freezer things (2 big batches of chicken stock and marinara) and I made baby food, namely: roasted peaches and roasted bananas with blueberries. We did this while watching documentaries on Netflix. Gotta get caught up in time for the Oscars, you know.

Also FYI, ever roast bananas in their skin? They turn black, it’s vaguely unsettling (but all kinds of delicious).


Sunday we just stayed put, thanks to Pete’s swollen neck, the crazy-cold weather, and our all-around laziness. Oh! I did run away for a short minute, to catch a matinee of Her. TRAILER HERE FOLKS. Just a lovely, lovely movie. A few things to note:

1) CHRIS PRATT. It’s time for this dude to have his due, guys. I don’t even watch Parks and Rec, and I know the guy. He has small roles in lots of movies I’ve seen and always rocks it out. He picks smart projects and always delivers.

2) I want to live forever in Spike Jonze’s version of Los Angeles (not like Los Angeles isn’t lovely on its own, but his future version is just extra-gorgeous).

3) Olivia Wilde’s eyelashes are really sparse and stubby. Ew. Joaquin’s eyelashes were full and lush compared to hers, and he doesn’t exactly have majestic eye lashes.

4) I know I am in the minority but I really liked the high-waisted pants in the movie. Let’s go shopping, Pete.

5) I loved Scarlett Johannsen in it. There, I said it. For never appearing on-screen, she did an amazing job of showing off her acting chops. Too bad about that whole Soda Stream thing, it kinda kills her for me. BUT. I also loooooved The Moon Song, it made me so wistful and sad yet happy yet want to cry, and oh my goodness please let it win the Oscar, except no, it probably won’t win, dammit, that dumb song from Frozen will win. Gah.

6) While there were a few twee bits, it was pretty much perfect. I love Spike Jonze. He does amazing work. Go see it, people, I might have kinda cried a little (new-mommy hormones, they make me such a sap). For a movie about a relationship with an OS, it’s very realistic.

Ugh, you guys. Such a good year for movies.

Sunday I tossed the boys in their room and took a few pictures. Their room is about as finished as it is going to get, folks. Architectural photos (I was born to live in a city, deep down), airplanes, blue stuff, toys galore. Pete ‘decorated’ by taking everything off the shelves and putting them in the colored baskets. No, dude, that is not how it works. DUH.





Ummmm. That’s kinda it. Hopefully in the next week we all start feeling 100% and can get some other things done. In the meantime: stay WARM, guys, and we’ll see you again soon.




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