Linus – 4 Months Old


Four months old, suckahs! Here are some reasons why I really like 4 months old, all bullet-pointy style, because I am tired and lazy:

  • He is obsessed with those toes and is on a personal mission to capture them


  • He has a lotta rolls and wrinkles



  • It is at this point that he is finally acting like a real actual, opinionated (and extremely short) person, rather than a blobby baby-shaped thing that only eats and fills diapers and occasionally accidentally smiles at you


  • His head is kinda lumpy, but like, endearingly lumpy. Mostly in the back. Sorta like a potato, that’s attached to a canned ham. Also his ears are getting a little Dumbo-like. And oh my gosh, but I love all of it.


  • He loves the back-and-forth conversation, we have it all the way to daycare and back, we have it while changing diapers, during dinner. The cooing and squawking and “oh my, and what happened then, Linus?”, which is followed by much limb-flapping and enthusiastic response cooing, etc. Man, that never gets old.


  • The cheeks. His weight percentage dropped to a lame 80th percentile, his height sky-rocketed to the 99th percentile, but the cheeks remain. Thank goodness. They are certainly his signature, as we get random comments about them from strangers everywhere (including a woman at the Children’s Museum last week who loudly gasped, causing everyone in a 10-foot radius to spin and look in her direction, only to have her come our way, gushing about Moose’s cheekers). Linus and his Magical Fat Cheeks, his most defining feature, and incidentally also my favorite. Never lose those cheeks, Moose Man.


See you at month 5.



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  1. I would like to sandwich him between a chocolate bar and a graham cracker and EAT HIM UP. Great pics. We should try to have that playdate lest I come off as some baby-eating internet weirdo.

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