Week in Review – 16 February 2014


I had my camera on me quite a bit this weekend, so you get all kinds of shots for once (winter is not exactly my camera’s busiest season usually). Most of it was weekend-oriented.

Many moons ago, I volunteered to chaperone Pete’s class for a field trip (to see The Hungry Caterpillar at the Overture Center downtown). Then one day Scott was all “oh hey I got off work for Valentines Day so that we can go have a date day!”. I had to break it to him that I had indeed taken off work for the day, but to do some chaperoning… Good man that he is, he decided to join in the fun, even though because of the nature of chaperoning duties this go around, there wasn’t enough tickets for him to join us for the production. He got to sit in the outside lobby and wait for the hour-long show to finish before escorting kids back to our bus, and did so happily. Such a gentleman.

Also kinda lucky if you ask me. Four year olds have no clue when it comes to personal space. By halfway through the production I had Ari on my left side curled into me with her arms tightly around my neck, Pete in my lap, and Beanie nestled against the right side, head snuggled against my head, fingers tangled in my hair. Lordy.

Anyway, I was in charge of Pete and Sabrene (Beanie) on the ride there. Beanie is the teeniest little thing, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality for sure 🙂



On the way back, I had Eliana and Ari. Ari is a ham so pictures of course included. Scott got Pete and Bethany on the way back. He clearly was having a blast.


After everyone was safely back in the classroom and lined up for lunch, Pete’s teacher graciously relieved us of our duties. Yesssssss. So off we went to Nostrano, for a nice long lunch.


Yeah, you guys: my Old Fashioned totally had one of those trendy giant ice balls in it. It was actually pretty awesome at keeping my drink cold but not watered down, although I was afraid it was going to roll out and break my nose by the time I got to the bottom of my drink. We got an olive/flatbread appetizer and then a few pastas for lunch. Mine was a lamb ragu and was deeeeee-lish. I felt I was annoying enough busting out the camera for our appetizer, so no photos of those main dishes. Which is kind of a pity, but oh well.


After lunch we ran up the street to Colectivo for some coffee and dessert and to escape the wind. And I got a little heart on my cordato for the occasion 🙂


We ended our afternoon by spending a few hours at Karben4 Brewery, trying some of their brews. Someplace we’ve been meaning to go, but it didn’t exactly fit with kiddos in tow. So we tried a few different beers, and got a few skewers of loooooooooove (they had a chocolate fountain set up just for the day). Uh, I forgot how insanely messy chocolate fountains can be. Scott too apparently, because he lost his entire brownie to the bottom of the fountain. Oops.


So: there you go. Oh, and we discovered that Linus adores mylar balloons. Pete got one from us for Valentine’s Day, but ended up giving it up to the Moose Man, because he loved it so. I personally kind of like how I can now clip the balloon to him while he’s laying somewhere, allowing him to coo at it adoringly and giving me some time to unload the dishwasher or pop a load of laundry in the dryer.




Friday night Pete went to bed complaining that he was not feeling well, and oh boy but WHAT DO YOU KNOW – he was rockin’ a high fever. Sick again, CURSES. So we drugged him up on children’s Motrin, tucked him into bed, and hoped for the best.

By morning he told us he was “almost all the way better” and insisted we still went to his race. His race being the Kids Frosty Run at the Madison Winter Festival downtown, the race we registered a very excited 4-year-old for last week. So we decided “eff it, let’s just go” and headed downtown. First we didn’t have cash for parking (rookie move, we know that big weekends mean cash-only parking garages), then we took a wrong turn down a side street and found ourselves plowing into a pack of people and their dogs doing the Doggie Run. I of course squealed with my hands over my eyes while Scott maneuvered us outta there. Thankfully we were going pretty slow, so were able to (oh so slowly) weave our way through the pack of people and animals and off onto another street without mowing down anyone’s pet. And I am sorry, but have those routes marked or monitored so people don’t accidentally drive on your race route, yo. Giant fail, City of Madison.

Anyway: we got there a bit later than expected. As in, two minutes before Pete’s race started. Somehow we were still able to sprint down to the registration hotel, pick up Pete’s packet, pin on his bib, and run him back to the starting line, just as all the kids were sprinting off.


So he ran along happily, even though most of the other kids were much older and waaaaay outpacing him, then shortly into it started walking, and was super-sad as if he was going to cry but sucked it up and ran the last bit with a whole street-full of strangers cheering him on. That was nice for the poor little thing. Then he refused to accept his beads/bracelet for finishing, and said he most certainly did NOT want a cookie or his hot chocolate at the refreshment station, and ooooooh man. Seemed like the illness was back in full effect, oh joy.


We suggested a walk to the Children’s Museum, to sit for a moment to see if he felt better, and he was up for that. By the time we got there he had completely perked back up, chowed down on his post-race goodies, and scampered off to play. And that was the last we saw of any sign of illness this weekend, HURRAH.


Pete played to his heart’s content while Moose and I hung out in the baby area of the play room. It’s a fluffy bed-like area with lots of pillows and soft toys and giant butterflies hanging overhead to stare at, so he thoroughly enjoyed himself.



As part of WinterFest, the Museum rooftop had free ice skating lessons and sno cones, GLORIOUS SNO CONES. So we headed up, got our respective wheatgrass-mint and sweet-potato sno cones (Scott ate the wheatgrass because he is A HIPPIE, Pete and I shared the sweet potato which tasted like pumpkin pie). We ate our sno cones and watched a few girls slide and fall all over the ice before heading back for the elevators down. And as we waited for the elevator, Pete decided he wanted to try ice skating. Great, yes let’s have the klutzy kid strap metal blades on his feet and slide across a sheet of ice on the roof of a 5-story building, what could possibly go wrong…


Actually he did pretty well. He immediately figured out the knee-bendy and slide part, practiced going forwards AND backwards, and even tried jumping (I mean, obviously not a triple salcow or anything, just regular old up-and-down). He only fell on his bum twice, and got right back up and at it both times. Speed skater in the making, look out world!


After that we headed back out to check out all the other things going on around the Square. When it snows they truck out all the snow (duh), but for this they truck back in 90 dump truck’s worth of snow to make trails for all manner of winter sports and events.





And that sums up our Saturday. By the time we got home, half frozen and half sweaty from being bundled up (and yet in the 16-degree temps) all day, we were D-O-N-E.

Sunday we did the usual and stayed in and caught up on things. The boys played in their living room fort and never got out of their pajamas.


I also made a few batches of baby food this weekend – so far Linus has had bananas, avocados, and applesauce/prunes (uh, his digestive tract needed a jump start). I boiled some peas we froze over the summer and roasted some sweet potatoes, both of which a decent amount to send to daycare and also freeze here.



And that about sums things up. We’re due to get a decent snowfall tomorrow (heaviest during the commute, because of course but why not). So I better sign off and go to bed so we can head out early. Ending things with a few photos of my favorite little boys.



Have a great week!


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