Week in Review – 9 February 2014


Hiya. Kind of a sucky week, once again everyone is sporting some kind of illness and in the end: Pete had the flu, and the baby had some weird barfy-spit-up episodes (this kid never spits up, either, so: kind of suspect), that’s on top of Linus’ neverending snotty nose and sneezing and cough, so anyway. Illness abounds, yet again. At some point my children will be rockin’ those well-tested immune systems but thus far: this Jan/Feb will not be that time. Bummer.

ANYHOO. There are some photos from the week but not a ton to share otherwise. In summary:

Pete continues to unintentionally torture his younger brother with his smothering version of undying brotherly love.



I swear I have photos where Linus actually smiles at Pete occasionally, just the “gawd here he comes again” ones are so much more entertaining.


This week a captured a really crappy cellphone picture of a sun dog. Only half of it at that. Because I am awesome.


Also it snowed more, every few days, as normal. This is terribly exciting, I know, considering it’s been snowing for about 3 months straight now. But you know, in about a month it’ll stop and eventually it’ll warm up and melt and we’ll all miss it. Or I’ll miss it anyway, because I am a weirdo and was subjected to Kansas winters for much too long where the white stuff is occasional at best and never sticks for longer than a few weeks at most. So anyway, for you: snow. Here are pictures of some more snow. Enjoy. Or: sorry.



Weirdo boy.

Friday we feasted on steak! For Midwestern folk, we rarely have steak. Scott went all out and made potatoes and green beans with gorgonzola and hazelnuts in a balsamic glaze. Those green beans were the shizz, I could have made a meal on those alone.


Pete showed his appreciation for our nice meal by horking up the contents of his stomach a few hours later. YAY, STOMACH FLU! It has almost been 3 weeks since you visited, we were starting to miss you! Except no, most certainly not. Guh. And with that, went our weekend.

That’s okay though, even though we missed a few outings (including a playdate, which: grrrrrrr, shaking my fist at the universe!), we had things to finish up anyway, so probably best we were restricted indoors with sick kiddos. For one, I was able to finish up the boys’ room. I framed up some photos, got them on the walls, and got some goodies hanging from the ceiling to boot. Linus gets a proper mobile but Pete gets airplanes. I got a whole huge box of small foam planes for a grand total of six bucks. Can’t beat that. Some day, folks, I’ll take a proper picture to share. Even though a cohesive ‘theme’ in that room is all but lost, and it’s just a mish-mash of oddities the boys like, somehow it all seems to fit, kinda sorta. Funny how that works out.


We also worked on Pete’s homework. For the coming week: a 100-day project for Wednesday, as well as Valentines. Valentines in school these days is NO JOKE. Pete’s teacher even sent home instructions and a list of all names over a week ahead of time, so everyone could prepare. Scott and I are both taking the day off to help with the class, so it should be interesting. ANYHOO. We worked on Pete’s valentines too, which are extra tricky because he has to put each person’s name on their specific Valentine, no help from mom or dad. We figured 6 per night and we’ll have them all done in time (and yeah, there are papers and cords and Transformers galore on our dining room table, we are fancy like that).


Also this week: the Moose Man turned 4 months old. So big! So darling! So ready to stick his feet in his mouth, if only he had the coordination!


Also every time he plays with this toy, he thinks it is a magical multi-nippled feeding device. Until it doesn’t work. And then he is devastated.


So. Since he is now officially 4 months old, and because his pediatrician gave us the blessing to start solids if we thought he was ready, we thought we’d get that rolling. First up for the fat man: bananas. We gave him a bowl of mashed (and mixed with milk to make it nice and thin in consistency) and a half banana. He was ALL about that banana half, if only he had the coordination to hold it for any length of time on his own for proper chewing. And then he found his thumb, and didn’t give a crap about bananas anymore. Meh. So we’ll try again another day, but it’s no rush.




So you’ve seen lots of Linus. Where is the Pete-man? Usually lurking in the background, telling me to not take pictures of him (after 4 years of being my sole subject, he’s kinda happy to be away from my camera). I still got a few of the guy.


Plus if you are smart, you’ll see bits of him in a lot of the photos.


Okay that’s it, kids. Next week should be vaguely more exciting, I promise. Have a good week! See you again soon 🙂


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  1. That last pic. I’m dying!

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