Week in Review – 2 February 2014


I’m tired and have 3 loads of laundry to finish up, so I plan to be quick. Besides: not a lot to report this week.

First things first: it was Catholic Schools week. Every day Pete’s school had a different dress-up opportunity. Linus joined him in the fun most days. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday school was cancelled (thanks a LOT, 50 below wind chill), Wednesday was “Nerd Day”, Thursday was Dress Up day, and Friday was Spirit day (school colors). PJ day went well.


Nerd day: not so well. I was under the impression that the kids were supposed to go as a ‘famous nerd’ and the note included a line about dressing up as ‘the smartest person you know’ and had clip art of beakers and burners and dudes in lab coats. So we showed Pete some famous smarties and he went with Tesla (thanks to Tesla Coil videos on YouTube). So I cut out a bunch of felt lightning bolts and sewed them on a thrift store jacket and voila. Linus even dressed up as his trusty assistant. But first Pete was mad and made me remove his mustache because I was laughing (uh sorry, but it looked hilarious). Then we got to school, and guess what. Oh, but guess. No one came as a famous person, they were all just different incarnations of the classic nerd (suspenders, center part slick hair, and nerd glasses with tape). Pete was mortified, poor darling, like we walked the hall coming in and I watched from behind him as he literally shrunk inward in horror when he realized how very different he looked. He ditched the jacket but kept the hat and survived somehow. Sorry, son! Um, builds character and all that, think of it that way.

Thursday and Friday went perfectly. I skimmed some paperwork that went home, or I completely forgot part of it (I mean that would make more sense, considering we are still not getting much sleep at night), but at any rate I didn’t realize there was a student-parent luncheon until Friday morning. Pete’s teacher sent an e-mail about “meet at 11am for the lunch” and I was all wuhhhhhhh. Wait. Then it occurred to me that a few days earlier at dinner Pete said something about parents coming for lunch, but I thought he meant stay-at-home-moms or something on any normal random day. Not a ‘thing’.

I emailed his teacher at 9am, she was kind enough to get back with me by 10am, so I scurried to finish up some things so I could take off at 11am to have lunch with my favorite little guy. He was so excited to see me there, it was clear he thought I wasn’t coming, it broke my heart a little to be honest. He told me it was the funnest day ever, because I was there and only let go of me while we had our fancy lunch.


So we survived Catholic Schools week. Friday Scott and I had a nice big fire roaring in the fireplace and watched Rush, that film about the F1 Hunt/Lauda rivalry. I actually really liked it and remarked to Scott that it didn’t even seem like a cheesy Ron Howard film. And then at the end it got a little goofy. Oh well, it was totally at least 90% tolerable, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Also our roaring fire set off the fire alarms downstairs AND upstairs, it was so nice and toasty. The crazy thing is that both kids slept through the alarms, sooooo. Good sleepers hurray, I guess? They both better shack up with light sleepers when they are grown or they are in trouble, man.


Saturday was pretty chill. We were going to hit up a sledding/snowshoeing/cross-country ski thing at one of the Dane Co. parks (bonfire and s’mores included!), but time got away from us. It ended at 2pm, which is kinda lame! We cleaned and I went through Linus’ clothes (too big for his 3-6 month stuff, jeeeeeeez baby stop growing up). The boys ran errands. We really just kinda took it easy all day.

I’m trying to figure out this kid’s eyeballs. Hazel I guess? Depending on the light and surroundings they look green, brown, or still blue-ish. Oddball. I guess they still have plenty of time to change to all-one-color, so I’ll hold off on speculating for at least a few more (several-ish) months.


Sunday morning dawned bright and early and wonderful, tra-la-la, and Pete knocked over my camera the evening before. Which is only relevant at this point because I picked it up to take some photos on Sunday morning and Pete matter-of-factly told me my camera was broken. And then I turned it around to see this:


Thank god for filters is all I have to say, because the filter is clearly what took the brunt of the fall. The actual real lens glass is perfectly fine. Twenty bucks well spent, for sure.

Here is my lovely energetic 4-year-old, very glad that mom’s camera is okay and he’s not in the dog house for the rest of his life.


Sunday was easy going too, we stayed close to home and Scott made his awesome chili and I attempted to make cinnamon rolls. Giant fail, a combo of a new recipe that had you make a sponge starter (? I had never done this before with my yeast) plus some unfortunately crappy flour courtesy of Whole Foods. It’s okay though, Pete and I ran out later and got cinnamon rolls at Copps, so crisis averted.

Linus is getting a little better with his hands (although he still has the Grip of DEATH and then fiercely yanks for good measure, and lordy that does not feel good when it’s your hair. And flesh). He kept inadvertantly hitting a song button on his phone toy. Which sent Pete into a dancing frenzy. Linus is not so sure about his older brother’s moves.


Pete had a homework assignment, they were asked to go out at some point on Sunday to check for their shadow, Groundhog style. We waited most of the day to see if we could catch a cloud, but no dice. Looks like 6 more weeks of this lovely snowy, bone-chilling weather. Hurrah. Yay. Except no, not so awesome.



Pete does this thing where he pulls every last blanket and stuffed animal out of his bed and drags them downstairs to make a giant nest. He does it every Saturday, and every Sunday, and sometimes on weekday evenings as well. It’s kind of annoying. But I must admit, also comfy if you happen to crawl into that mess with him.


And then: chili. Oh yeah, and Super Bowl. But that was a massacre so not really worth noting this year (at least Bruno Mars was killer during Half Time). I’m glad we had delicious chili to get us through. And as an awesome side note: Scott is a total scientist when it comes to his chili, he keeps a notebook called the ‘chili file’ and he notes the date and all the tweaks he makes to his ever-evolving recipe and then the outcome. Anyway, in this exhausted up-half-the-night-with-a-baby time, he’s a little loopy. And he titled this entry in the Chili File as “Super Bowel 2014”, which: I am sorry. But I cannot stop laughing. Awesome.


Actually maybe don’t look at the chili after reading that anecdote. THE CHILI WAS REALLY GOOD I’M SERIOUS.

Super Bowel.



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