Week in Review – 26 January 2014

Hi. This week we dealt with my having a cold, the baby having a cold, Pete getting Strep, so in short: we’ve hit the official Winter Illness Season. It held out until late January, so no complaints here.

I really was bad about getting the camera out, with everyone being ill I just wasn’t feeling it. I can tell you: Friday Pete was feeling rather low and his throat was still pretty sore and all he wanted was something soft, but ‘not soup’. So somehow I ended up at KFC, and broke down and ordered a Family Meal. That is the first time in several years I had hit up KFC, and the first time ever that I had ordered anything that involved a bucket. Fatty McFatterson Family here. But my baby boy got mashed potatoes and mac n’ cheese for his sad stinging throat, and he even chowed down on some chicken I pulled off the bone for him, and declared it the Best Meal EVAR and wants us to go there ‘all the time’. Er, uh. Hmm. Get well soon, son. And enjoy that chicken, because I guarantee that’s not going to happen on the regular.

Random photos of the boys’ room. Linus’ area… well, needs work. Scratch that, it all needs work. But I’m thinking about things, so that counts right?


While we were up to our elbows in disease up in here, I did bust out the camera on Sunday, for Linus’ baptism. It ended up being a snowy mess that morning, but all turned out well otherwise. Our church only does baptisms during Mass, and usually that is not my style (I am all for the private baptism) but I have to say: there is something very lovely about the sacrament being performed in front of the congregation.



The only brotherly photo I have of them dressed up. Not the best, but that’s Them, to a T.


Pete was very interested in the whole process, and even helped to light the candle (that part? Yeah, Scott and I gave each other side-eye on that whole decision, and waited for Pete to inadvertently burn the church down right there in front of God and everybody. Thankfully that didn’t happen). He was very excited and at one point announced to the congregation that GUESS WHAT WE GOT A CAKE WITH LINUS’ NAME ON IT. In other words: it all went off without a hitch. Also a big thank-you to my dad, for having the foresight to dig in the baby bag and find my camera without any word on the matter beforehand (I kinda forgot about photos), and then having the guts to actually use that bad boy. Pretty good shots given the circumstances and a completely foreign camera.

Also that little lady getting baptized at the same time? Her name was Lucy. Linus and Lucy welcomed into the church together, I DIE. The congregation sure seemed to get a kick out of it.


Afterwards we went to Bluephies for brunch. My family went off to check out of their hotel, so we held down the fort so to speak and waited for our table to be ready. I got a bloody Mary, I won’t lie. Then I spilled some on the baby in his pristine white outfit. THERE’S YOUR BAPTISM, LITTLE MAN. Just kidding. I felt bad, for a second. Then I just changed him and no one was the wiser.

Brunch is delish at Bluephies, if you ever find yourself that way. I got the Elvis Something or Another, I can’t remember the name but it was peanut-butter-stuffed French toast served with battered-and-fried bananas, caramel sauce, crumbled bacon, and a big ole’ blob of white frosting (because hell why not, why pretend this is in any way okay for you. Holy moly. That was insanely good. And tomorrow I have a long date with the treadmill.


Afterwards we went back to the house and just enjoyed each other’s company for awhile. Then busted out the baptism cake, an Italian rum cake from my favorite bakery. They also spelled Linus’ middle name wrong, but whatevs. Close enough.


And that’s about all that’s fit to print. I kinda took a long nap with the baby once everyone left (totally on accident, I swear, but I did feel a million times better). We did laundry and got ready for Monday and just chilled at home, the end.


I hope everyone had a good weekend and stays warm while this next cold front takes over most of the country – will see you again next weekend. Hopefully with warmer weather…



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