Week in Review – 19 January 2014


It’s that magical time of year! That time of year when we have hardly any daylight, and it’s cold so we hardly leave to do anything, so I hardly grab the camera. So there’s not a lot to share this week. Not like that is such a terrible thing really, but still. Short and sweet this week.


The boys are starting to bond. Linus will sometimes look off in Pete’s direction and coo, which will bring Pete running, and they’ll stare all googly-eyed at each other and chatter for like, a whole 30 seconds. By then Pete is usually too loud and spazzy for the baby to bear, but whatever it’s a start. So here’s some photos of them ‘bonding’, and by bonding I mean: watching a cartoon on my phone together. Yay, technology.



And then we just kinda goofed around and stuff the rest of Saturday morning.


Pete showed off his ‘secret dot’ (birthmark under his hair), and when he happily pulled up his hair and I took a photo I suddenly saw my 4-year-old baby again. Ever since Linus was born, he seemed immediately Older. Like suddenly he was as big as an 8-year-old to me. Anyway, when I took these few photos he was back to my sweet little 4-year-old. Love that boy.


Pete and Scott went off to get groceries later on Saturday, so Linus and I stayed home and goofed around a bit.


Earlier in the day Pete and I thought we’d step out and play a little in the snow. We got a few short inches of snow that morning, it was fresh and pretty and I considered it a test run, because we were dying to go to a candlelight snowshoe thing that evening at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

We were outside fifteen minutes. Yes, fifteen minutes. Granted, we didn’t have our full winter gear on, but still I thought I was going to freeze to death in that fifteen minutes. It was 14 degrees and windy, and around 5pm it was going to be 10 degrees and still windy, so: no. Not happening, especially considering we’d have an infant in tow. I guess at least we got that little bit of outside time done while we could.





Sunday was more of the same. We all stayed in bed extra-long, the boys bonding yet again. Over Rescue Bots, yet again.


Aaaaaand that’s about it. We did our usual Sunday chores and hung out close to home. Scott and Pete went to the butcher shop at some point so the Big Beef and I got a moment to hang out together and chat. He is a chatty baby. He talks nonstop. I am not even exaggerating, he just coos and mumbles and squawks ALL THE TIME and it is very entertaining. It is a 20-minute drive home from daycare, and he fills 19 minutes of it with his chatter.


Then they got home, and Scott started prep-work on our dinner, butternut squash and broccoli curried soup. Which involved frozen broccoli bits, that Scott did not think to thaw but instead attempted to chop up in that roly-poly, glazed-ice frozen state… uh, yeah. He cut himself, it was pretty gnarly, and had to head to Urgent Care for stitches. Fun times. His finger is pretty comical now.


After he got back (almost 3 hours later), and let me just point out that during his absence I cleaned up the mess, finished the soup, did dishes, picked up the house, did a few more loads of laundry, all while dealing with a fussy baby and squirrely preschooler – anyway, after he got back I fled to the Mall to get a sweater for me. And ended up getting a blazer for Pete and some sale shoes for Linus that he probably won’t wear until he’s two years old (in my defense: saddle Oxfords for five dollars! FIVE DOLLARS!). Anyway. Time alone revived me and I returned home and taaaaaadaaaaaah, the end.

Oh, also my darling, gorgeous new niece was born today. I am dying to see her and hug her and just smoooooooosh those sweet cheeks. Let’s all welcome little Josephine to this world, shall we?

[Here is where I would put a photo but my sister has only sent fuzzy ones from her phone thus far and I’m too lazy to download them, so SOOOOOON I’ll have actual photos of that chubby-cheeked beauty in all her glory]

The end.


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