Week in Review 12 January 2013

Only 3 days late, not bad.  Not bad.

Well, I don’t have a lot to say, so will just let the photos do the talking. The baptismal outfit has arrived (Pete’s was way too small and so was my brother’s, so off I went to purchase one). So we’re ready for that whenever it happens. There’s a little bit of give, so if the wee one has a growth spurt, we’re safe.


He thinks the straps are delicious.

We got a lot of weird weather in the past week or so. First That Polar Vortex thing that affected pretty much 80% of the country (windchills around 55 below? Fun! Fun times! Except no, you seriously get frost bite on any exposed skin in 2 minutes flat when it is that cold so HOLY HELL THANKS A LOT, WEATHER). Then it got warm, like warmer than normal and a lot of the snow and stuff melted and just: ugh. Mess alert. And then we got freezing fog, which actually seems to happen fairly regularly around here when the weather changes from warmish to cooler, so that makes for pretty trees. I had approximately 12 seconds to take photos right before heading out for the day, so I took a few of the trees behind our home before backing out of the garage one morning. Hopefully next time I have more… well, time. For photos. In the future.


Saturday we hit up the Kid Disco for the first time this year. Five bucks a person, max out at $20 per family, and the kids get free snacks/drinks while enjoying their disco party. The parents USED to get drink tokens, in fact it still says this on their Facebook page, except: no. Sad face. We ordered beers anyway.

That first picture below, by the way, is Pete’s hair mid-grooming that morning. Lordy but that kid has some crazy hair.


The bubble machine was, as usual, the most popular part.


Pete danced pretty much everywhere. He really got into the Disco this time.




Linus, meanwhile, went out near the writhing crowd once and was so horrified at SO MANY LOUD UNCOORDINATED CHILDREN FLOPPING AROUND that we quickly took him back to our booth in the back and he never left that spot again.



Pete insisted on meeting the Kid Disco DJ, Nick Nice*. We even had to wait awhile to go over because he was doing that song-switch thing that DJs do, and then was talking to someone else, but Pete was adamant. He told Nick the songs he liked the most (“that zombie song”, aka Thriller, and What Does The Fox Say, so: clearly a cultured child, I was so proud. Except I mean no. Not really.). Nick chatted him up for a little bit and was gracious enough to take a picture. Pete was pretty excited, I have to say. Budding DJ maybe? Or maybe just club kid. Time will tell. All I can say is that Nick mixed in Katy Perry’s Roar just as we stepped away, which is Pete’s absolute favorite song of all time EVAR, so he kinda spazzed out and then had one epic last dance before we dragged him outta there. Totally enamored.

*As a side note: have I mentioned Nick Nice before? He is awesome. Awesome as in, after the first Kid Disco we attended, I was telling coworkers about it and they were all like OH MAN SERIOUSLY NICK NICE?? and errrr, yeah? And I kinda forgot about it until I was flying to SLC for work and opened my Delta in-flight mag, to see Nick Nice staring me in the face. Apparently he’s known for a bit more than his Kid Discos.


We went home and crashed (well, some of us). That’s it, the end.


See where that poor dear is rubbing all his hair off the back of his head? I did not miss that ‘stage’ of babyhood, not one bit. Poor weirdly bald baby.

Sunday was full of cleaning, chores, catching up on stuff. I hit a matinee, saw Saving Llewyn Davis this time. Pretty good! There is this overall theme of identity. This folk-singer guy (in the early 60s) finds himself to be the Real Deal, amongst all the ‘fakes’ and ‘wannabe folk singers’ invading his turf. He is also constantly comparing himself to others. And judging others. And then trying to figure out if, in the end, that is what he really is and really wants… Aside from the storyline it was rather pretty, much prettier than your average Coen film, so that was a nice bonus. They sure know how to make a city a character of their films, too: this was Greenwich Village in the 60s all the way.

Anyway, that was that. Good film. Sunday we also played board games, Pete is alllllll into the board games these days. He will play most of them with us, but is also obsessed with the game of LIFE for other reasons. Namely: we set it up, and he brings in the dinosaurs and Transformers and there are battles with humans and cars and homes stuck in the middle. Rather harrowing actually. Linus usually watches, with his usual level of detachedness.


That’s about it, kids. More to come next week. Enjoy a few baby pictures to send you off (this one, my goodness: those lashes. WHY ARE THICK LASHES ALWAYS WASTED ON DUMB BABIES.)




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  1. We will probably see you at the next Kid Disco! In the meantime, a movie? In a theater? I have a dream . . .

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