Fake Update Alert

I am not giving you a real update tonight.  That can come tomorrow.  For one:


That is sparkling Riesling, which we are enjoying while watching the Golden Globes (drinking in regular wine glasses, just like those fancy Hollywood types drink their champagne).  It’s going down smoooooth.


Also homemade baked pickles.  I kinda ate most of them.

Yeah, okay. My brain is tired and I’m busy chatting Golden Globes gossip online with friends so this is all you get.  Mainly my brain is tired because our ‘angel’ baby had a day that mostly went like this:


So not much has gotten finished up, sadly, plus we need a break.  Poor little love, when he has a bad day it’s BAD NEWS. So anyway, I’ll write more another night.  Do know that we Disco’d and played and had an all-around good week otherwise.




Even this one.



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