Week in Review 5 January 2014

Hiya! I’ve been an editing fool this weekend, lots of Minneapolis trip photos (finally posts on that later this week).


Also, more from our Chicago trip in late 2012, to maybe use as wall art.



ALSO also started working on a second-shooting gig with Becca Dilley I had this past summer. Someday I’ll get everything finished. Someday. Maybe.





I actually had a photo of myself and Pete to include, but I accidentally deleted it. After editing it and everything. LAME. Anyway: we made family resolutions this year. We’ve added a game night and more adventure/less phones. We’re pretty good about getting out and doing things, but we’re like anyone else and check our phones pretty frequently. Gotta work on that. Personal photo resolutions: less vintage washes, more ‘normal’ editing, more Manual mode (which I have gotten away from 75% of the time, just basically chasing my own kids around). Scott says I should get in the frame myself more often. Meh, we’ll see about that one…

New Years Day we did some gift-card shopping with Pete (got two new Transformers and still have plenty on the card for future cold days, thank you Anne!). Linus tagged along and snoozed. Then we hit the mall, played in the forts, and headed home.


As is a New Year tradition in the South, Scott made some Hoppin’ John for dinner. YUM.

By the way: this baby, he is a junkie for Charlie Brown. No, seriously. My parents gave Pete a Charlie Brown doll for Christmas but Linus loooooves it, he can be in the fussiest, worst mood and if you bust out that doll, he’s cooing and talking and giggling in no time. Totally bizarre.


Saturday our highs actually hit 30, which meant we took advantage and did some running around on the Square. We spent most of our time at the Children’s Museum. I love the Madison Children’s Museum, because it’s very different. We’ve taken Pete to quite a few around the country, and they all seem to follow the same formula (train room, bubble room, grocery-store, firetrucks, etc.). This one is very different in its approach, with unique play ‘rooms’ (it’s a pretty open floor plan) and very green and sustainable to boot. We got the boys a membership for Christmas, so we’ll be spending a good amount of time here.


Pete was telling me a story here. It was a long one.


More museum fun.




After the ‘fake pizza’ baking, we were hungry, so headed to Ian’s for some real pizza. Mac n’ cheese pizza, here we come.



And that’s our Saturday, in a nutshell.

Sunday was chill. Sunday we moved Pete’s bedroom around, so that it can soon be Pete & Linus’ bedroom. Yep, they are going to share. Pete is ecstatic. Linus, probably not so much. Oh wells. Once that wee baby is close to sleeping through the night, like only getting up once a night or so (I keep telling myself THIS IS COMING), he’s making the official move. In the meantime, we’re moving around furniture and I have been bitten by the Design Bug, so some things have been purchased and are being shipped, other things are being pondered, and basically everything is in a permanent state of confusion. Which is Pete’s forte, so no worries.


The only other news of Sunday is that I used a portion of my Christmas gift from the boys, that being a gift card to my favorite theater in town. So off I went to Sundance, settled in with some Ranger, and checked out American Hustle. It had a few flow issues but the dialogue is snappy, the characters completely engaging, and it was fairly Goodfellas-esque (minus the gratuitous violence and undercurrent of seriousness). Me likey, but then again I am a sucker for David O. Russell’s style of Fast And Loose storytelling, so there you go. I have enough on my gift card to squeeze out two more matinees, so I’m watching all the awards-bait that I can with that (Wolf of Wall Street, maybe Her if I’m lucky, maybe Nebraska if I’m not so lucky).


I ran (no really, I sprinted across the mall because it’s Sunday and places close early) down to Macy’s after the movie and picked up a new down comforter with another gift card from my dear mommy – you see, it’s cold here, just like everywhere else it’ll be about 40 degrees colder than normal. Which puts us at about 25 below tonight, not counting wind chill. And wouldn’t you know it, but Linus chose today to take a giant poop that leaked out the diaper, through is clothes, through our duvet, and INTO our down comforter. Yes. YES. We tried washing the thing, which only further ruined it, so it’s a new comforter for us. Thanks a lot, LIIIIIINUS.

Speaking of, that little imp is almost 3 months old. We took advantage of the light today and took some shots to commemorate. THREE MONTHS WHAT THE HECK. Stop growing, meatloaf!


Okay that’s really it for reals. Have a good week, STAY WARM.


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