Week in Review – 29 December 2013

Oy, the holidays! Makes things so CRAZY!!! So this will be quick, because it’s already terribly late and I still have to get ready for tomorrow and all that good stuff. Let’s just get started. And when I say I won’t be adding much commentary: I totally mean it this time!

Christmas Eve Scott had to work, so the boys and I were on our own. We made puppy chow, Santa’s cookies (molasses), finished off the Advent calendars, and Pete and I wrapped his gifts. So a busy day, for sure. Linus supervised and was a content little cookie – love that baby, he’s certainly mellowing out.


I had a photo of Pete with powdered-sugar face after diving in, and regret having lost it when I formatted that memory card. Curses!



Yes, my baby went from one pair of PJs to another. It’s the holidays, it’s totally allowed.

That night we went to the children’s Christmas Pageant, then waited a half hour after that for Mass. So essentially, my poor kids were stuck in the pew for over 2 hours. Sorry, little dudes. They actually both did pretty darn well given that fact. I do think I need to download some religious games/apps to my phone for when Pete gets antsy in church, though, so if anyone has suggestions feel free to chime in.


That night the boys went to bed, and we did our part to help Santa (and put out our own gifts for the boys). I realized at this point that I was sick Sick SICK. Full body aches, cold chills so bad I was shaking, fever, the whole nine yards. Yuck. I finished up and left Santa’s beer for Scott (sniff) and dragged my pathetic self off to bed. And by some sort of Christmas miracle: I felt pretty darn good by the next morning (deep hacking cough aside). Yay, Christmas!


So anyway. Christmas morning arrived.


I would like to point out that the baby’s PJs were a gift from my sister, and purchased from Boden, while Pete’s were a quick grab at the Gap one day. And then I realized that they match quite nicely. Big giant fist pump, man; that worked out nicely in my favor.




Everyone got everything they could ever want, and then we went out for dinner. We didn’t want to cook this year and decided to instead enjoy Jewish Chinese Day. Forequarter was open and having a Chinese menu, we really considered it, but Scott and I both could not taste much with a cold, and what’s the point of going somewhere expensive when you can’t really taste a darn thing? So we headed to Edo, where they were having half-price rolls. That’ll do. Plus we ended up with practically the whole place to ourselves.


Pete is an adventurous eater but sadly, was not feeling the sushi. So it was gyoza for him, which he inhaled along with his veggies. The end.



And there you go: holiday 2013, the end. Pete is out of school and Scott has additional days off work, so he’s been staying home with him while Moose and I are off to our daily spots. Friday I did leave work early and we headed to Milwaukee to meet up with my aunts, uncles, and cousins for some quality family time. I rarely see this side of the family and we really need to make an effort to see them more often, because we all had a great time. So great that I completely forgot about my camera in my bag. So, sorry! No photos to share on that one.

Saturday we just hung out at home. Linus wasn’t feeling well and it’s been chilly besides, so it wasn’t such a bad thing to just take it easy and hang out at home.


Even though he was sick, Linus was a willing participant in photo time (while Scott and Pete were out running errands). I love those leggings. He has way too many leggings, mostly from Salt City Emporium, and I have no regrets man. I recently found a tutorial to sew my own so might give that a spin some day.


Sunday we headed to the farrrrr East side, an area of town where we rarely venture, to head to Babies R Us. It’s high time Linus moved to a crib (and I love him dearly, but: OUT OF OUR BEDROOM ALREADY, CHILD, BEGONE). So we picked up some goodies for his new digs, a few new bottles for him for home, and he had the world’s worst blow out while there. I swear to God, this child: he has the worst pewp situations. Up the back, waaaaaaaay up the back, like the picture below is him strapped to the baby changer at the Babies R Us changing room, and the only reason I took it was to do so for my mommy who bought him that sweet onesie for Christmas. Because the thing was covered, COVERED, in the bad stuff, along with his pants and socks (uh, yeah). I will spare you the details aside from telling you I ran out of baby wipes and had to also basically bathe him in wet paper towels. His onesie is currently in the basement soaking in bleach and let’s all hope that I don’t have to immediately toss it along with the pants he was wearing.

So anyway. Disaster of major proportions. Then we went to the mall so Pete could play at the fecal forts. And that’s just weird shadowing on his pants in the 2nd photo, I swear, it wasn’t yet another pewp disaster. Swears.


So then we went off for a very late lunch, glorious lunch! Back to Sal’s for us, this time we got their garlic bread (a cool twist: the garlic is not baked into the bread but instead is a concentrated mash on the side, and the bread was cut into potato-like thick wedges for the perfect dipping into that garlic mash). We also ordered the blue cheese, bacon, and wine-braised fig pizza. Holy deliciousness, you guys.


I got the Accumulation from New Belgium, which is a white IPA and was oh-so delicious. It was made withAmarillo hops, which is pretty much my most favorite of all time ever (Scott used to brew an IPA with those hops and OMG, so delicious, certainly my favorite of the beers he would brew). Then for dessert, we got a cup of the salted caramel gelato. Mmmmmm. Super gluttonous meal, but worth every bite. I’ll just hit the elliptical extra hard tomorrow šŸ™‚


And that about covers things. Oh – if anyone can tell us what the hell is going on in that bottom painting on that wall, we would appreciate it. I can kinda tell there is a shiny bowl reflecting items, like the table cloth (?), but that’s about it. Me dumb. Scott and I talked about this the entire meal and just could not figure it out.


One last thing before I go. Sad news out of Pittsburg – Pokie passed away today. He was my parents’ 12th child, basically. He had a long life but will be missed so much, so say a little prayer. Godspeed, little guy.



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