Week in Review 22 December 2013



Oh my gosh, such a busy week (and another busy week ahead!). Monday was the WORST, we got snow showers that carried over during rush hour, so while the totals weren’t that much, traffic was the pits. I graciously excused Scott from picking up Pete and got both boys (the Focus, unfortunately, doesn’t have snow tires so I’d rather be safe than sorry). Anyway, the tally for sitting in traffic to get Pete, get Linus, and get home – two and a half hours. And keep in mind, Linus isn’t terribly fond of the car, especially when it’s dark and he can’t see anyone. So Pete and I spent the bulk of the drive listening to the baby scream his head off. Fun times, my friends. Fun times. I swear he’s becoming such a mellow, happy dude, but unfortunately Monday night he was not exactly that baby.

Wednesday I had my work cookie exchange. I mention this not because I have any pictures, but because I spent the rest of my Monday night making cookie dough and all of my free hours on Tuesday evening baking the darn things. But they were finished and I got several other lovely cookies to take home (and shove in my mouth over my lunch break that day), so: WINNING.

Thursday was Pete’s school recital. It was long, Linus slept through most of it (thank GAWD), except every time people would clap he would wake up and look around confusedly. Which was pretty funny the first half dozen times it happened, perhaps not quite as entertaining 2 more hours into the darn thing.


Oy, these things are long. But entertaining. Pete, particularly, was a joy to watch. He yell-sang most of his songs, just like the rest of his class but as you know this child loves Jingle Bells. LOVES IT. So when it came time for Jingle Bells, he got a little too into it. In case you can’t tell, he’s the one in the front row, far left. On the end. Yes.

Gotta love that boy. So anyway, all went well, although we didn’t get home until almost 10pm thanks to the length of the program plus the icy drive home (freezing rain that night while the program was going).


Friday Pete had his school Christmas party, I had my work holiday party, and I totally forgot to bring the teacher gifts with me when I dropped Pete off. Giant mom fail. So I guess they will get awesome New Year presents.

Saturday we all slept in. This is some kind of pre-Christmas miracle because that is two whole weekends in a row where they both slept past 7am. Actually, Linus is going to be a sleeper-inner. I can tell already. That kid loves to take his time getting up in the mornings. Pete however is usually up at the crack of dawn, so again: it was a gift I will not take for granted. Please keep this up, my son.

After the boys finally got up for the day, we packed it up and hit the road downtown.


Our main intention was to go to the Capitol to see the tree and check out the other goings-on, although it was refreshing to see joggers in their underwear while on the Square.


Ah, the tree. I love our Capitol, so pretty, and the tree is enormous (tops out above the 2nd level above the Rotunda).


Scott was pretty pleased to see the Festivus pole, and left his Grievance to be read on the 23rd.


We visited the Nativity and Menorah and the tree for the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As long as you obtain a permit, you can put up a religious or holiday display. So there are several interesting ones. We kept going until Pete literally collapsed on the floor from exhaustion (or boredom, probably actually boredom).


Then we hit up Trader Joes like any good citizen in our age range that is obsessed with the place, because we needed to get our grocery shopping done quickly that day. Winter storm on the way and all that stuff, can’t be stuck without cookie butter.


Sunday Scott was supposed to head to Green Bay, to meet my brother for the Packers game, but because of the weather he opted to stay home. Of course, because of this decision, not only did we not get as much snow (6 or 7 inches tops), but also it didn’t get as windy/drift-y as they were predicting. FIGURES. Instead we had a late breakfast, did a lot of baking (pizza dough, cookie dough, banana bread), got the Christmas window clings up (holy cow, but does Pete love those things, so a big thanks to Anne), and just chilled at home.


Eventually we headed out to the park near our house and did some sledding down the World’s Shortest Hill.


Pete got a little freaked when we hit the hill last year, but seemed really excited for it this year. Then he did some sledding with his school chums one afternoon, and one of the kids kept flipping Pete’s sled “for fun”. I say that because I’m sure it was all in good fun, but it totally freaked Pete out. So it was back to the Beginner Hills for us, to build back up his confidence.


Linus snoozed away contently in the winter baby duffle bag the entire time. I was afraid he’d be uncomfortable or cold, but: nope. I think that was the best nap he got all day, to be honest.



Check out how deep it was, by the way. That stuff really accumulates quickly, was up to my knees. And it was untracked snow, not only from this snowfall but pretty much since the snowing started this season; clearly no one else has thought to sled this hill (hmm I wonder why, maybe because it’s more like a short mound and surrounded by some sort of tall prairie grass stuff…). Anyway, Scott pulled Pete on the sled while I carried Linus, and we both got a good workout dragging the boys to and from this place.



I wanted to get a shot of the guys at the top of the ‘hill’, but Pete was more concerned about the sled, which was making its getaway.


We sledded until Pete was too wet and cold to sled any longer, then headed back home. Aaaaaand that about sums things up. I’m working next week but Scott has most of the week off (as well as the following week; yay for school break burning all our PTO…). See everyone after Christmas 🙂



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