Week in Review 15 December 2013


My children bond over their evening Transformers cartoon. Sad but true.


About an hour after that photo was taken, after both children were bathed and tucked in for the night, I ran up the street to Walgreens, to pick up some ice cream for Scott and I to enjoy with our Friday evening movie (yes, we live an exciting life, I know). I was standing in the frozen aisle, trying to decide between dulce de leche or fudge brownie, when I dropped my phone. No biggie, I’ve done it a hundred times before and it’s never something to worry about because I have a protective cover on it, right?


Wrong. WRONG. I picked it up and, completely stunned, just grabbed the dulche de leche and paid and left. That’s not just a crack, man, that’s like, obliterated. Phone still works, but holy hell half those cracks are sharp, so there’s no ‘just living with it’, so it’s getting fixed or I need a new phone. Which is EXACTLY the kind of expense one needs at the holidays, right? Loverly. Then I got home and showed Scott my phone all sad-like, and busted out the ice cream so I could properly drown my sorrows. And realized I grabbed Butter Pecan or Praline or some other worthless thing. Double Fail. I hate you, Friday the 13th! SHAKING FIST IN OUTRAGE!!

So yeah, that sums up our Friday! Saturday we wanted to go to the Market and the Capitol rotunda (the Madison Orchestra was playing there Saturday morning), but we got a late start so will probably just hit it up next weekend. I had my holiday party with the KC gals, which was… well. Another fail basically. We were doing a Friendship Paint Party this year, I dutifully paid my $35 and the lady was supposed to ship me my canvas. That was two weeks ago.

Guess what: she never shipped my canvas. So I had nothing to paint, but undeterred, I still planned to Skype in. So I poured myself a drink and made some dip and COULD NOT REMEMBER OUR OLD SKYPE NUMBER. Clearly we use it a lot. So I set up a new account, but it wanted to merge before I could call, and it wouldn’t give me my old ‘Skype Name’, and needless to say after an hour of sweating that crap I just texted with my gals and called it good. And got pretty tipsy off one margarita. Yay for having babies, I’m back to being a cheap date!


That evening we bundled up the boys and hit the mall to do some holiday shopping and some fecal-fort playing. Then back home, where the boys had a Kitty Party on the couch before bedtime. And that about sums up our Saturday. I zonked out along with the baby when putting him to bed (perhaps I should stop feeding him by laying with him on our nice comfy bed…), then woke up at 11pm ish, then the baby woke up at 1am, and needless to say our sleep last night was a little whack.



We slept in this morning too, like REALLY slept in – 9:30, I think that is quite possibly the latest we have slept since having children. Pete was actually awake and decided to take advantage of being all alone by stripping down to his underpants and playing with his Legos in the living room. Yeah I dunno but that’s what he did. Wild times. So anyway, we all got up and showered and got all dressed up because guess what: it was time to go see Santa. Moose wore his elf outfit that aunt Beah got for him. 🙂


We take the kid(s) to Hilldale for Santa: their Santa is free GLORIOUSLY FREEEEEEEE, and I’m nothing if not miserly when it comes to stuff like this. The line was kinda long but we made it without any crying or other naughty behavior, so: score. And Santa was pretty funny this year, which was a plus.


I am pretty sure Linus is going to hate us for life for his outfit this year.



After that we checked out the Indie Art Fair going on at the mall, which was chock-ful of awesome stuff and I pretty much wanted to buy it all. Well, except for the two-for-$56 COFFEE CUPS one booth was selling. But the rest of the stuff was awesome and it makes me sad that this goes on the weekend AFTER the USPS mailing deadlines, because a lot of it would have been perfect gifts. And now that I think about it, I probably should have just gotten a head start for next year, darn it.


We hit up Roman Candle for a late lunch.


And that about covers things. The baby is now on hour FOUR of his nap (eep) so I better go wake him up so that we’re not up all night. I hope everyone had a great week, and we’ll see you again next week! Lots going on for us, holiday parties galore and last-minute shopping and downtown goings-on and a Packers game and GAH. Just lots. See you then.



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