Linus – 2 Months Old


Two months old, this boy. Time flies! And sometimes that’s not such a bad thing.


Not to say the first 2 months were a nightmare, but it certainly wasn’t a cake walk, either. No sign of a schedule, no difference between night and day. He was almost always fussy. He just kinda… laid there staring at nothing. Not a lot to get super excited about, no offense little guy.



Once we hit 2 months, though, things magically started sorting out. He now sleeps much better, he’s less fussy, and we’re getting into a rhythm. I think being back at work somehow helps too. Everything is just all more manageable, less stressful, more enjoyable.

I just wasn’t made out to be a stay-at-home mommy. I can’t seem to get anything done, I stress about it, I get anxious about and/or fixate on silly little things. While I’m glad to have that time with the baby, really I am, it’s certainly not a life-affirming time for me. Instead focusing on my job puts everything into perspective, plus allows me time every day to be myself and enjoy my own thing. Which is much needed, and makes for a happier me. And a happier mommy means a happier baby 🙂



Back to Linus, though. This guy, I am telling you. When he’s happy he’s a dream, and lucky for us, he’s a lot happier these days. He’s also nice and plump – had his 2-month wellness visit this week, and he’s tipping the scales at 14 pounds. Well, 13 lbs. 15 oz., but: close enough. He passed all the tests with flying colors and is healthy as can be.


He’s got personality now: seemingly overnight, he went from newborn blob to a little actual person. He giggles when I pretend to smell his feet, he smiles for us, he coos. He loves to watch people as they move around the room, and adores the Christmas tree.


So in short: even given the first few trying months, I think we’ll keep him. Keep up the good work, Moose Man.



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