Week in Review – 8 December 2013



Cranky, clingy baby tonight, so I’m going to make this quick. Lots to still do, like wrap presents/pack boxes/get stuff ready for the work week, etc. The holidays are super fun but man, tiring too.

In other news: like 75% of the country, we have been hit by a cold snap. I busted out the furry hood in its honor (not sure if you can see it there, with the dirty ass window and side mirror action, but ’tis on and ready for that wind chill).


The big news of the week is that St. Nick paid us a visit! Pete has been plenty squirrelly and not listening well, so we were glad to see St. Nick still made the trip and didn’t send Krampus in his place. We put out boots out the night before and goodies were waiting for us in the morning! Because of the temps we thought it best to put the boots in the garage, because everyone knows St. Nick has a universal garage-door remote and can get in to fill no problem. Obviously.


Friday night we went to the annual Polar Express Reading at Barnes & Noble. Pete decided to wear his ‘favorite’ PJ pairing, that would be: gray sweats and a ratty old Thomas shirt I bought for him at a yard sale. We are nothing if not totally Klassy. Linus wore his PJs too but was more interested in peeping out of his carrier than listening to stories.


Saturday morning we hit up the market. They had a really good band this time (not sure who it was and that makes me somewhat sad). Scott got a spicy empanada at Stella’s this go around, it did not disappoint.


We also hit up the Free Trade Holiday Mart while there, I was able to get a little something for my soon-to-be new niece! Then we hoofed it back to the car and off back home. I wanted to do some shopping on State St. this weekend, but with the wind chill what it was, it was not worth dragging the boys around in it.


The rest of the day was spent at home, just chilling. I pulled out some veggie biryani and naan for lunch, from my stash of the stuff in the deep freeze. Thank goodness for Trader Joes, it’s like 15 minutes from freezer to table and pretty darn good.



When it started getting dark, we got into our warmest duds and hit the road. Time to head to Stoughton for the annual holiday firetruck parade!


We drove all the way to Stoughton and holed up at the Pour House, like we did last year. As soon as the parade came by, Scott and Pete were out the door right away. Which was good, because it was a short one this year – I bet all of 5-ish minutes. I am not sure why it was so short but hopefully next year, we get a longer one.



Yeah there’s a better picture.

Once home we got the boys off to bed and moved furniture, cleaned, and Scott got to work setting things up – ladies and gents, we finally got a flat-screen TV. In our defense: we bought our tube in like 2002, and spent a lot on it. The color and picture are both still great, so switching it out wasn’t a priority (we aren’t TV geeks anyway so we were fine with our old tube buddy). But as cheap as flat screens are now, especially on cyber Monday, we gave in. And I was ecstatic for at least one reason: because FINALLY I could get the TV away from the fireplace. Thank the Lord.


Sunday was errands/chores day. Scott and Pete ran errands in the morning, before the snow started. We aren’t forecast to get much, 3-5 inches or so by tomorrow morning, but once it starts sometimes it’s just nice to settle in and stay out of the sloppy muck.

So we put together a gingerbread house and watched some football on the new TV. A nice, relaxing afternoon and evening.




Relaxing until now. Because now I am dealing with a hopped up, napless, exhausted baby and I suspect (just suspect) that his meddling, pesky older brother just might have something to do with it.


That’s it, guys! Have a great week ahead and stay warm, wherever you are! See you again soon…



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