Week in Review 1 December 2013



Can I just say? I am really glad that at 4pm today, I got Pete’s backpack, Linus’ bag o’ daycare stuff, milk packed up for tomorrow, lunches together, as well as my pump, my work bag, and gym bag all ready for tomorrow. Because it is now 10pm, and I have finally gotten that baby off my lap and down to sleep. Gah. Babies! So unpredictable and don’t realize the world does not revolve around them! So rude.

Or maybe it’s payback for the fact that I did all my favorite things with him the past week, lots of fat-baby songs sung and making him ‘dance’ for me and dress up in funny outfits and balancing random things on his head and making him sit out in the snow for picture time.

Also whenever I do a diaper change I put the fresh disposable diaper on his head like a little Dutch cap and sing songs about my fat little gnome baby that lives in a windmill. Do you guys do that, don’t you do that? Disposable diapers totally look like those hats I’m sorry.

Maternity leave makes me a little crazy can you tell? Anyway. Behold, snow baby in a funny outfit.


The Beef and I were on our own until Wednesday, when Pete’s school was closed, so he hung out with us that day. We spent a lovely morning at Target (Linus only cried part of the time, SWEET, usually he’s a store screamer). We watched Transformers and made a couch fort and baked pumpkin muffins, super healthy ones with whole wheat flour and sunflower oil and just the vaguest bit of sugar. There was some sugar in the topping, but even more oatmeal, so I’m sure that cancelled all the bad junk out.


The Big Beef supervised. By smiling at his beloved birdies (seriously he is already way too big for the swing, but he loves those birds so darn much I still put him in it).


So anyway, we survived the day alone and were ready for some Thanksgiving partying the next day.


Pete even wore a turkey hat for the occasion. We watched the parade, made stuffing, and went through the Black Friday ads. It was glorious (fyi, that last photo in the next set: the small pile is the actual newspaper. The giant pile on the right are all shopping ads, holy hell).


I made the stuffing and pie and prepped veggies, while Scott tackled the turkey and other sides. My stuffing was aaaaaah-mazing, I won’t lie. I love me some stuffing. Sausage, apples, lots of celery/onions/parsley, and some cranberry walnut bread I bought at the store earlier in the week. We made a giant pan of it and gobbled it all up in 2 days. YUM.


My pie was… well, interesting. The crust anyway – I didn’t have time to make my own (uh, understatement, plus I suck at making the stuff) so Scott grabbed some at TJs on the way home one evening. We thawed it and rolled it out, all perfect, fit to the pie plate and even cut out cutesy hearts to go around the edge with the extra dough. I then lovingly popped it in the fridge to ‘temp’ before putting it in the hot oven. Now, granted: I did not weight the dough while pre-baking, but I figured there would be minimal shrinkage given that I temped it. Usually I only temp it. Well: with TJ’s dough best to use pie weights. Because that sucker totally collapsed into itself. I actually contemplated dumping it and just making the molten lava cakes we had in the freezer for emergencies, but went ahead and made the filling anyway. Hardly any of the crust showed but the finished pie still tasted like a dream, SO LOOKS BE DAMNED.


It was our 2nd time pulling off Thanksgiving dinner (the first being from the Worst Thanksgiving EVAR, where we all had the flu), and this time we timed everything perfectly to be ready right when we planned to eat. Well, except for the darn gravy. Poor Scott spent forever making that gravy. In the meantime, Pete and I created place cards and prettied up the table. Even Linus got a spot. Pete got over-zealous with the seating arrangement though, I noticed (darn that marker we left sitting out).

For posterity, here was the menu: roasted turkey thighs; gravy; purple mashed potatoes; roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon, shallots, and balsamic; rolls; stuffing; and pumpkin pie. Oh, and homemade cranberry sauce that I made earlier in the week and we forgot to put out on the table. Womp, womp. We always forget something.


Pie, behold the pie! Also pecan pie ice cream on the side. Just as delicious as it sounds.


And that was that. Cleaned up, got the kiddos off to bed, and hit the hay ourselves. Huzzah, happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Friday was spent lounging around, and getting up our holiday decorations. Pete loooooooves this time of year. We did his room first, put up his tree and nativity set and listened to the Christmas music station.

He wanted to hide the pickle in his tree this year. This is how he hid it: by surrounding it with other ornaments. Distract and deceive, I like it.


Also: board games.


Also also: playing with the baby under the living room tree. He seems to be warming up to big brother, finally.


Saturday we all slept in, and just chilled in our bed for awhile.




By late morning, we were all up, caffeinated (well, Scott and I), dressed, and ready to hit the mall. We hit up Hilldale for some holiday shopping, which is near us and is mostly made up of local businesses, so it felt right for Small Business Saturday. After shopping we had lunch at the Dane before heading home.


Later that night we headed out and looked at holiday lights. We drove through the Fantasy in Lights twice, at Pete’s urging. Only stopped for our candy canes once though, that kinda bummed him out.


Sunday Pete and I had our first ‘date day’ post-Linus. Actually Pete was pretty concerned about leaving Linus at home, but I assured him that the baby would survive when left alone with dad. 😉 Pete did take advantage of being baby-less in the car, rolling down his window for the drive (sadly, it was 36 degrees which is WARM for us Wisconsin transplants now, so I was like PARTY ON, ROLL THOSE WINDOWS DOWN MY SON AND LET THE WARMTH IN). First we had some Starbucks and Pete got all fan-girly and hand-flappy, loudly exclaiming that LOOK MOMMY LOOK MICHAEL JACKSON IS HERE HE IS IN LINE TO GET COFFEE! I had to break the news to him that no, that nice-looking Indian gentleman was unfortunately not the King of Pop. Also duh everyone knows he drinks Jesus Juice, not coffee. And that’s what I get for introducing him to classic 80s videos on YouTube this week, I suppose.

We did some Christmas shopping. We decided on Angry Birds and One Direction wrapping papers for this year, so look out, world. We also kept our cart and sent it down the cart escalator when we left Target, which was pretty much Pete’s favorite part of the day.


And that’s that. I got home, went on baby duty, and probably should get off of here so I can get to bed and all that good stuff, because our 7:15a Leave Time will get here a lot sooner than I care to admit.



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  1. oh my gosh! Eloise was telling Grandma about that cart escalator at our Thanksgiving dinner. Big impressions! 🙂

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