Week in Review 24 November 2013


You guuuuuuuys. I am tired and just dealt with Round 2 of Getting Baby to Sleep and I don’t wanna, I just don’t wanna. I have photos to share but I kinda don’t want to type the words to go with them. And anyway I just kinda have lots of pictures of the kids, so it’s boring besides.

But hey! Mr. Linus is waking up more and more every darn day. Also fatter and fatter every darn day (busted out some of the 3-6 month clothes this week. True story).


Smiles are a’coming on the regular, although mostly aimed at inanimate objects.


Friday we took the boys out for a quick dinner at the Dane, then hit up UW Family Science Night. Scott and Pete went in and I fed the baby in the car for a looooooong time (he’s a slow eater and apparently was very hungry), then we made our way in as well. It was a CRAZY PLACE FULL OF LOUD SLOBBERY KIDS YOU GUYS. Just kidding. About the slobbering, the rest is true. Finally I found them and we were discussing whether another room of science was necessary or should we just hit the road because it was getting late, when… I felt the baby pee through his diaper. As in, I felt a warm wet sensation spread over my midsection. Nice. So we spent some quality time in the ladies room fixing that whole mess. Then we left For Real. But not before I took a very sad public bathroom selfie.


Saturday we hit up the Market again as a foursome. We got there kinda late but still saw Chef Tory pushing his giant market cart (I got a photo but forgot to download it, oh well). We had quite the list, given the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, so Scott focused on picking up all the necessities while I herded children. Basically by wearing one and chasing the other, spazzy one. I didn’t lose him and he didn’t sustain any injuries, so it was a success.


After successful shopping we settled in and had some breakfast goodies. I was able to find my beloved pumpkin bars, YESSS.



Scott held Linus so I could eat. We watched Pete hide behind a potted fake plant and pretend he was going to attack innocent people walking past (thankfully he never actually jumped out from under the plant, I was worried he’d totally freak someone out. Well, someone other than Linus.)


I love that little weirdo so much. And the bigger one too.


And that’s about it, folks. I am super duper excited for the upcoming holiday season, I won’t lie. It has taken every ounce of self restraint to keep from pulling out all the holiday decorations and draping our home in the stuff. The cold did show up in the past week (single digit wind chills, weeeeee) so I felt justified in busting out our holiday-esque winter bedding. Plaids and faux fur throws and wee moose PJs, yay!


Also Moose took an almost-4-hour nap today. Epic napping = cranky baby the rest of the day in this house. And I never know what to do about it, like wake him up? But don’t wake a sleeping baby, right? Would he be even more cranky if I woke him? I feel like I’m screwed either way.

I attempted some potential holiday-card photos anyway, thought getting a head start wouldn’t hurt. It ended up being rather hilarious. Below are a few of my favorites from the day.


Pete totally looks like a baby serial killer in that black & white one, am I right?

Anyway: I got a few okay ones, they’ll do in a pinch if I can’t get anything else later.


That’s all I’ve got today, folks. Next week is my big grand week of final maternity leave fun times. Linus and I will be staying in our PJs all week, drinking lots of coffee with Heath bar creamer (we both likey!), re-watching our favorite Gossip Girl episodes, and hey MAYBE GET THOSE THANK YOU CARDS OUT FINALLY. In short: enjoying ourselves to the fullest.


Have a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, everyone! See you next week 🙂


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