Week in Review – 16 November 2013

Long ago, when I was pregnant with Peter, my sister Beah got me Mrs. Mustard’s Baby Faces. It is basically this fold-out ‘book’ of baby faces, one side happy and one side sad. Pete loooooved that thing, and Linus does so far as well. Or at least, part of it. For the record: babies do not like the sad side as much as the happy side.


We got snow. It wasn’t our first snowfall, but definitely the first to somewhat stick. I say bring it, Wisconsin. We all have our thermal coats, boots, and winter gear ready this time.


KU beat the Dookies, which frankly: KU was sloppy the game before and Duke was On Point in their game, so we really thought we’d get our butts handed to us. Nice to get that win instead. I totally think it was because Linus stayed up to watch the game.


Saturday we headed to the farmer’s market – the first indoor one of the year, and currently at Monona Terrace. Good timing on that, as it was windy/cold/rainy all day, blech.



People take their beef sticks seriously here. You eat them and pay a pretty penny at the market to eat your fancy grass-fed ones. And you like it.

While Scott was a good person and bought our healthy grass-fed, sustainable meat from Jordandal Farms, Pete and I did the usual: bought heavily dyed cookies from the cookie gypsy lady.



Then we went to Stella’s booth where Supermodel Brian sold me a cherry muffin. I was dying to dig into that sucker. Unfortunately I only got about two bites before Pete stole it. Brat. So I made Scott go back and get me a cranberry muffin. Both muffins were Aces, by the way (I’ve had that cranberry before, it’s addictive). Stella’s is so much more than spicy cheese bread, my friends.


After stocking up on goods (including a tub of garlic dip, which I felt inclined to buy because Pete would NOT KEEP OUT OF THE VENDOR’S SAMPLE OF THE STUFF), we took our baked goods out to the lobby to enjoy. We picked a table away from all crowds, near an empty window. I was excited to get some photos of Pete in the window. We plopped our stuff down on the table, I sugared/creamed up my coffee, and then turned around to find about a dozen people in my window.



Gawd, thanks a lot. I sat and enjoyed my coffee and soon enough, we were back to having that window all to ourselves.




I see that, nose picker.

Sunday was rainy, stormy, and dark. All day long. So we stayed close to home and just got some things done around here. We also tried out the pumpkin croissants from TJs – not bad, not bad at all. Had to pick off the pumpkin seeds from Pete’s because he thought they looked like bugs. They totally did not taste like bugs. They were awesome.


Scott and Pete went to the mall to spend some quality time at the fecal forts (he had some energy to expend) so Linus and I chilled at home. Got a few semi-maybe-smiles outta him. Makes it easier when I get that between the screaming jags. (Oh, newborn fussy period, I did not miss thee. AT ALL.)


Okay I’m outtie. Getting this done early so I can focus on other things this evening. Have a great week all, will see you again soon 🙂



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