Moose Man – 1 Month


Just a quick note to say that this little baby is ONE WHOLE MONTH OLD, OMGGGGGG.



Let me tell you about my little boy Linus. I love him like crazy. He can kinda hold up that bobbly gigantic head of his, which is quite the feat given that it’s in the 99% for his age. His height is at 98%, and he’s fatter than fat, like faaaaaaaat. Roll upon rolls, broad shoulders, double chin action. He’s strong too, has inadvertently kicked himself over from front to back a few times, when doing tummy time (clearly: not a fan). The nickname Moose is most appropriate for this guy.


His eyes remain a murky gray/blue, but his right eye has a brown streak across the iris, so we’ll see how that ends up. And yes, those cheeks are insane. I want to eat them up pretty much every day.


He is such a good baby, that is until he’s fussy, then the whole world is sad along with him. He doesn’t sleep so well, but darn it man, those cheeks. Just can’t get frustrated when you see those things. Pete’s life has been saved many a time thanks to his sweet curls, and this one’s got cheeks to charm the pants off you.


Yeah that about sums things up, not a lot to say about Month 1. Keep a’growing, little man, we’re ready for some gummy smiles up in here.


Also motherhood has turned me into a giant dork, my apologies.


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